Monday, June 12


I saw this on a couple of my favorite blogs, so I thought that it would be fun to do too!! Feel free to join the crowd and do it too!! :)

Accent: Southern? A little Texas draw I guess.

Bible Book That I Like: Romans and of course Jude

Chore I Don't Care For: BATHROOMS!!!.

Dog or Cat: Really neither. I do like TRAINED dogs. I do have one cat though, Brady.

Essential Electronics: Cell Phone (since we use ours as our home phone also), my iPod, and of course now it is my computer WITH the Internet!!

Favorite Cologne: Il Baccio

Gold or Silver: I know gold is worth more, but I am a silver/white gold girl all the way! Platinum works too!! Ha.

Handbag I Carry Most Often: My white one my Momma bought me at Ross for my birthday last month. Thanks Momma!!

Insomnia: Sometimes. If I've had too much caffeine maybe. Not lately though, I have been pooped at the end of my days.


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