Tuesday, June 20

Avery the Servant

Today, I woke up and had the worst cramps. Yes, I know! I hate that word too, but it IS a fact of life for alot of us women. I got up and took some Advil and set the heating pad up(I told you they were bad!) and laid back down. Glen got Jude out of bed and Avery told me that she would watch him. She is SO good with him. She brought him to me about 9:30 and said that he was asking for me. He laid in bed with me and fell asleep. Needless to say, I kept sleeping. It was NICE. Glen had taken Bailey (7) to camp, but I knew that Parker (4) was up. It was SO quiet in the house. I had told them to be quiet, but that was like a hour ago. When I got up they were playing so quietly. It was so cute. THEN - Not that all that wasn't enough, Avery (9) decides - ON HER OWN - to clean the kitchen for me. Not just clean, CLEAN! Loading the dishwasher,sweeping, Clorox sprayed all the counters, wiped the top of the fridge!! It looked AWESOME! I feel so blessed to have such amazing children. Avery is a pleaser, and loves to "make me proud". I love her so much. She brightens my life! Just thought I would share a proud mom moment. Please feel free to share one of your proud mom moments too!


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