Sunday, June 18


Last week, my parents brought their trailer to the State Park near our town and stayed till today. Of course the kids loved it. We built the coolest fort with all sizes of sticks and branches. It ended up being about 10x6 . A pretty good sized fort I would say. Deer came up everyday and ate deer corn, we swam at the pool, ate outside, played football, all kinds of fun stuff. BUT my FAVORITE moment happened last night when we were all outside having a little "sing-a-long". My friend Paige, my brother Bradley, and my niece Ainlsey(3), Glen, all my kids and my parents were all around playing some kind of instrument and singing. Well, my brother can sing, but not so good with instruments, so he started dancing around with the kids on his back. Meanwhile, Paige is playing guitar and singing, I'm playing a bongo drum, mom is playing the maracas and then the funny stuff starts. Let me TRY and paint the picture: Bradley, while he is dancing gets on the picnic table and starts to jump up and down with his cap on sideways, holding Parker in the front of him, Ainsley was on his back, and he starts yelling, "We are the Free People!! Come join our cult!!! We are Polygamist!!!! I am the Prophet!!"(FYI - All that is NOT true!!). We couldn't really SEE anyone, but their were trailers ALL around us. It was hysterical!! I could not stop laughing. He is the jokester (obviously) in our family. I love being around him because no matter what, he will make you laugh and smile!!


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