Wednesday, June 7

Did you see my face?

This evening, I was in the kitchen cooking dinner when I heard sobbing coming down the stairs. I went towards it because I thought someone was hurt. When I got her (it was Parker ,almost 5) she had pretty much stopped. I asked,"What's wrong?" and she said, "Did you see my face?" When I took a closer look, I didn't really see much that was different so I asked, "What happened?" To which she replied in disgust, "Avery made IT cry". I had to fight busting out laughing, When I finally burst out with a giggle(I tried to hold it in, but it didn't work), it made her start crying again. It was sad and funny all at the same time. We had THE talk of people not MAKING you DO anything. Tonight I told her to start crying and she said that she couldn't. So I told her that just like I can't MAKE her cry, NO ONE can. Who knows if she got that either. Can't say that I didn't try.


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