Friday, June 9


I am not sure what to do about our cable. Ever since Glen and I got married, we have had the "basic" cable. You know the one. It has 20 channels, two of which are Spanish speaking, 2 are shopping networks. REALLY it only brings in the main 4 stations without static. Well, about 6 months ago my daddy was coming for a visit and wanted to watch something on ESPN (which we could get in our upstairs bedroom, but REALLY fuzzy). It worked good enough for Glen, but NOTHING that I would ask my daddy to watch. So as a surprise to Glen and my daddy, I bumped us up to the "big" cable. (As we call it) We have really enjoyed it. Glen and my daddy can watch their sports without fuzz, the girls can watch Disney channel, and I can watch my MTV shows. Perfect right? Well, I am trying to cut back on some our spending and what pops into my head first? The cable. Do the girls really NEED to watch the Disney channel everyday? They have learned so many things (good and bad) from that channel. Not my favorite. I think that they need to be doing something productive like reading or pretending or playing outside. I only let them watch maybe an hour everyday. That's not that bad. They need down time right?Does Glen not DESERVE to watch his Sportscenter when he gets home from a long day at work? And can I really go on without my MTV? I like a little down time too! Am I talking myself out of going back to the "basics"? I could really save about $20.00. Is it worth it?


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