Friday, June 16

Jude turns 2 AND Jude's first haicut

Well, My baby turned two today. The past two years have FLOWN by. It makes me so sad, but Glen keeps reminding me that it is better than the alternative. That's his way of saying just enjoy him while he's here. And I am. He is such an AWESOME little boy. I remember when he was born and I CRIED and CRIED!! I just felt SO blessed to FINALLY get my boy. I had dreamt of that day since I was a little girl and it finally arrived 2 years ago today. Happy 2nd Birthday my baby Jude!!! AND guess who finally got a haircut. My dad, Glen, Anna, and a FEW other friends have been BUGGING me to cut Jude's hair for MONTHS!!! While others, me included did NOT want to. I guess everyone can tell who won out this time. So last night, we sat him in Glen's lap while my mom held his hands and my daddy videoed me cutting (I told you I would NEVER pay for any of my kids hair to be cut!!) my sweet baby's hair, curls and all. Yes, it was the most horrific 30 minutes ever. He screamed and kicked and sweated the ENTIRE time. Half way through I reminded all of them that we are NOW going to have to do this every few weeks to keep up the do. But I think that he will do better next time, now that he knows that we are NOT killing him. I sure hope so. It was not the most fun I've had!! So here is a picture of my 2 year old spiky hair little boy. Isn't he PRECIOUS????


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