Wednesday, June 28

Mom's House

Well, since Avery is at Leadership Camp about a mile from our house, I decided that I would drive to my parents house about 3 hours away. Does this make any sense? To me it does. I just figured that I would be wanting to go up there and check on her and be thinking about what she is doing. BUT, if I am 3 hours away I COULDN'T check on her and my mind would be on having fun with my mom and dad.

Well the plan has worked GREAT! I have missed her of course, but I really have done well. It was kind of funny though yesterday when she called. It was the first time that I have talked to her since dropping her off Sunday night, and this was our conversation LITERALLY!!!

ME: Hey Ave! How's camp?

AVERY: Good. What's Grammy doing?

ME: She is sitting here with me. Have you been having fun?

AVERY: Yes. Can I talk to Grammy?

ME: No. I want to talk to you first! How is Abby?(her room mate)

AVERY: Good. Now can I talk to Grammy?

ME: Ummmm.... OK, (hesitation)Here she is. I love you!!

AVERY: I love you too!

Needless to say that my very own "queen of talk" did not want to talk to ME on the phone, but instead Grammy won out AGAIN!! She is so close to my mom, and I love that! Really I do, but I just wanted to talk to my "grown-up" 9 year old that has been away from me since SUNDAY!!!! I do have to say that she was so sweet and asked to talk to Bailey and Parker. Isn't it sad though that I am already self talking about letting go and letting my kids grow up. She is only 9, but man, I am already picturing her in college and having to wait for her to call me or waiting for her to have TIME to talk to me. I don't look forward to those days!!

By the way, She IS having a great time! So thanks for the prayers!


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