Thursday, June 22


I am going to apologize ahead of time for this negative sounding blog. I hate being negative and I don't enjoy reading alot of negative blogs, so go ahead and stop reading if you are not in the mood to hear some rants.

We went to the pool today. (Me, Avery, Parker, and Jude : Bailey is still at camp) We walk in and there is this mom that I know from church. Not really ever a super friendly person at church (you know all her friends are usually with her - the clique). Let me just tell you before I go any further, I'm not a big fan of this person, never have been, and now NEVER will be. She walks past me TWICE and doesn't say hi, smile, NOTHING!!! I go to church with this lady. I KNOW her. It isn't like we never see each other or she doesn't recognize me. (I've thought about that excuse because I don't wear makeup AND I wear my sunglasses to the pool) My kids are with me, she has taught my kids in Bible class, she KNOWS me. IT also isn't like there are people EVERYWHERE, the pool had hardly anybody there. So I thought, I'll say hi and FORCE her hand. GUESS WHAT?? I was SNUBBED!!!! SO I just don't get it. What is it about people that makes them think that it is appropriate to act this way? What are our kids learning? I would DIE if I knew that one of my kids was treating someone this way. I would ALSO die if someone felt I treated them this way. Let's all make a pact. If you KNOW someone one day, act like you know them the next day. If you are in a bad mood, FAKE IT!!! SMILE!!!! Don't treat someone rotten just BECAUSE!!! I do NOT have time in my life to try and figure out if you are my friend or not. Either you act like you like me today and everyday after, or just move on. I'm not the friend for you!! I am by NO means perfect! I am not saying THAT! I just want people to be consistent. That's it!


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