Friday, June 23


I think that I have been tagged my Stephanie C. So here goes!!

I am a cuddler: Not so much. I like it for a moment and then I just get too hot!!

I am a morning person: Anyone that knows me KNOWS that I am a night owl. I am definelty not in a bad mood in the mornings, I just would rather be sleeping!

I am a perfectionist: A little bit. Not about normal things though. You know, how things are written, making sure things are even or level, if it is messed up, I need to fix it. Perfectionism - OCD, whatever you want to call it.

I am an only child: One brother, Bradley. He is 3 years older.

I am currently in my pajamas: Well it is 12:52 in the morning!!

I am addicted to my blogger: Well, again! It is 12:52 in the morning! What do you think?

I am shy around people AT FIRST: Umm, sometimes. Only when I am REALLY intimidated. I STILL smile though. (read my last post if you don't get it!)

I bite my nails: Groce!! No way! These nails cost too much to be bitten.

I can be paranoid at times: I get paranoid that people are talking about me. So are you? Tell me!

I currently regret something that I have said: At Jude's B-day party I said something that I should have filtered. So Yes.

When I get mad I curse frequently: No. Never been one to cuss. I didn't grow up with it, and have never hung out with cussers. I was always the one that would walk up and people STOPPED cussing. They knew I wasn't down with that.

I like someone: Doesn't everyone?

I enjoy country music: Yes, but not Poe Dunk country.

I enjoy jazz music: Not so much.

I enjoy smoothies: Is it sweet? OK then. Sign me up.

I enjoy talking on the phone: Yes, but not as much as Avery (9)!!!!!

I have a lot to learn: I'm sure I do. I am ONLY 31!! There is a lot about this blog stuff I need to learn. Who's gonna be my teacher? Huh? Anyone, anyone?

I have a pet: One cat, Brady.

I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal: Yes, I am ASHAMED to say yes!

I have all my grandparents: I have 3 left. Nanny, Grandaddy and my Mimi

I have been told that I am smart: Of course I have. By my mom. Ha!!

I get higher than C's in school: Yes, are you calling my mom a liar??

I have broken a bone: No. I was a sheltered child.

I have Caller ID on my phone: We use only cell phones. So yes. I think all cell phones have Caller ID, right?

I have bathed/showered with someone: Daddy, skip this one and go to the next one yes

I have changed a diaper: Does everyone know that I have 4 kids? OK then.

I have changed alot over the past year: Yes. I think that I am in better shape.

I have done something illegal: No

I have friends that have never seen my natural hair color: Who says this isn't it? My hair really WAS this color until I started having kids. It is close enough to the same color that up until a few weeks ago my Daddy thought this was STILL my natural hair color. Sad huh? Sorry Daddy!

I have had surgery: No

I have killed another person: Why is that on here? Did somebody find out something?

I have had my hair cut in the last week: No. I can already see my roots. :(

I have kissed someone I knew I shouldn't: Hasn't everyone?

OK. So that is my list. I tag Anna and Angel. I don't think the link on their name is going to work. If you want to get to their blog, then go to one of my comment sections and click their name. Sorry. When someone is ready to teach me how to link someone's name to their site, just let me know. I am SO ready to know how to do that.


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