Friday, June 30

Trouble since Avery's been home

So Avery has been home for a whole 4 hours and we have already had drama. My kids usually get along pretty well, but Avery has been gone for 5 days and let's just say that it is going to take some adjusting to remember how things work around here.

About thirty minutes ago we were standing in a jewelry store and Parker and Avery start having a physical altercation right there in the store. I was MORTIFIED! It was one of those moments that I wanted to act like I had everything under control, but I really didn't. I had to interrupt the lady talking to me and SEPARATE them. After we left I barely could talk because I was so upset with their behavior (how quickly they forget what they learn at church camp - you know the one they left 4 HOURS AGO!!!!). So when I got in the car I called my mom and she talked to them on the phone. (I think that she could hear the frustration in my voice) They both got off of the phone crying, so I think that they got the message. Ha!

We'll see how it goes after their mandatory nap that they are taking at the moment. Wish me luck!


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