Friday, July 7

New Name Announcement and Elementary Years

Well, after much thought and consideration, I have decided on.......................Drum Roll Please!..........................Sassafrass. And I might even use Stephanie's idea of A little bit sass, A little bit frass. Thanks to everyone that helped me on that one. Ya'll had such GREAT ideas. I knew I had some creative readers out there. AND it was fun right? Hopefully soon, I will have a new "look" to my blog too. It is in the works.

So, on to other things. I was tagged by
Lori over at Glass Half Full. Yes the absolute gorgeous Lori who comments on my posts. She tagged me to remember some things about my Elementary years. So before I begin, I will tag someone too. Oh who to tag? I tag Stephanie.

I really do have a bad memory, so bear with me. I do remember specific things and moments about my Elementary years though. So here goes:

I recall coming out of my first grade classroom crying to my mom holding the first B I ever got on a paper. She of course loved on me and told me it was OK. Sadly that was the first of MANY B's in school. But I DO remember that 1st one. :)

I remember in second grade we learned how to add and subtract. And that there was this girl in my class that did not behave, named April and she had to sit behind a partition. I liked April and always felt sorry gor her.

In third grade, everyone started liking boys. There was a boy that I thought was cute, named Kurt. We were friends, but he was "going out" with my best friend Paige. She always got the cute boys! Third grade people!! I've already told my girls that they can't have a boyfriend till they are 16. To which Parker (5) says, " I ALREADY have a boyfriend!" Uggh!

In fourth grade, the girly rivalry thing really came into play. Me, Paige and a girl named Kim ALWAYS were fighting with each other. You know the 2 against 1 thing. Not so fun. But Ha! Ha! who is still friends? Me and Paige! Where is Kim now? (That sounds tacky doesn't it?) Hey the truth is the truth people!!

In fifth grade, Kurt (Yes the cute one) and I got a spanking from the principal for arguing about the food in the lunchroom. Not what you think. Probably worse than you think. He told me that he would give me his pudding if I would give him MY roll. Well he ate the pudding AND the roll. I wasn't happy about it, so I guess I through a wall eyed fit. So we got caught fighting about it and went to the principal's office and got swats with the board! Thanks Kurt!

In the summer after my fifth grade year. we moved from a small Poe Dunk town, to a bigger town. That was the summer I went to MY first church camp and met miss Cherise. I loved her from the minute I met her! What a sweetheart! Also, that year in school I tried to change my laugh (I laughed really loud) and wanted to become a different person. Didn't work out so well. To this day I laugh loud. And I remember that year putting a whoopi cushion under the boy sitting in front of me in class. I wouldn' t really call me the class clown even though it does sound like it huh? I just liked to make people laugh. I'm not helping my case here am I? OK.

Well, those are moments from my Elementary Years. I hope this doesn't make me sound like a weird little girl. Cause I really wasn't. These are just memories that popped up in my head. My teachers always like me, I always got good grades. The only thing was I liked to talk.....ALOT! and laugh......ALOT! That is just who I was and pretty much.

Stephanie, Go for it!!


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