Sunday, July 2

Parker's 5th Birthday Party

Parker turned 5 on Thursday. So yesterday we had her party in the backyard. We had her party at the pool last year and this year she wanted to do another swim party, so we just had all kinds of water activities in the back. We had a slide into the pool, Slip and Slide, beach balls on the trampoline with the water hose, a cool sprinkler and of course water guns. We gave the water guns and beach balls as the party favors. Parker also wanted to have an Easter egg hunt for the game. I thought that that was such a creative and different idea and it was one less thing for me to have to think of, so we did it. Glen thought that it was a little bizarre to be having an Easter egg hunt at a birthday party, but it was HER party, right? The kids had a blast. I mean what kid doesn't love to play in the water and hunting for candy?

So I have seen a lot of moms do the Works For Me Wednesday thing. I on the other hand don't, so I thought that I would take a second and tell you something that I think it kind of cool and works for me. When my oldest(now 9) was a baby and turning one, I thought it would be cool to make her first birthday cake. So I did. But I didn't stop there. Ever since then, I have made every birthday cake/ big birthday cookie for every one of my kid's birthdays. It has become a tradition that we all love. Sometimes I do dread making it, but when I see their little faces light up with excitement when they see what I've made for them, it is ALL worth it. They get to decide which they want - cake or big cookie, AND what they want on it. I just went to the store and bought some cake decorating supplies and use the same ones every time. Now all I have to buy is the cake mix and the icing. It is so much cheaper that buying a cake. And cake is cake. The kids don't care. Especially if they get to pick what is on it. Parker wanted a big 5 on hers this time, so I just put Parker is 5 on it. Of course she loved it. I am trying to post a picture if it and it doesn't seem to want to load. So sorry! It was another no makeup picture anyway! HA.

I have to admit that about 3 times now my kids have had birthday brunches and we have BOUGHT (I know, I know!) their favorite donuts and stacked them up and put candles in it for a cake. So I have to admit that I have cheated a few times. But they got to decide that too, so they were happy.


  • Letting the kids run their own party planning is the best EVER! I know my hubby's mom was that way with her kids. Ian always got a Lemon Merenge Pie for his birthday... What a fun day for all of you!

    Not fair you look that fab without make up... and I am envying that tan!!!!

    By Blogger Gina - Liam's Mom, at 9:07 PM  

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