Sunday, December 17

O Holy Night

This is SO not me. BUT, my husband Glen wanted me to post this song on here to let everyone know what this song is REALLY suppose to sound like. OH MY WORD PEOPLE!!!!
To listen to this holiday classic click the link, when the page comes up scroll down a little till you see the little triangle player button. Click play and make sure the volume is up. The longer you listen the more you'll laugh! Merry Christmas to everyone that makes it through this!


  • Ok, that was brutal. I think Bob and Doug McKenzie's 12 days of Christmas is one of the most blasphemous songs out there.

    By Blogger BigDaddyGonzoVents, at 10:54 PM  

  • hahahahaaaaaa!!!

    By Blogger Lindsay, at 11:03 PM  

  • That kinda reminds me of myself singing bible at school.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:09 PM  

  • It's my favorite Christmas carol too!!! :)

    By Blogger Glass Half Full, at 8:40 AM  

  • Just got yalls Christmas card! Loved it!!!

    By Blogger Allison, at 10:32 AM  

  • Ok- I didn't make it through the whole thing, but the guy sounded kinda sincere- you think?

    By Blogger Adventures In Babywearing, at 12:13 PM  

  • Yeah, I'm really not sure. It is almost too bad to be sincere, but maybe not.

    By Blogger Nicole, at 2:53 PM  

  • Oh my, that was horrendous. Reminded me of the bad American Idol auditions!

    By Blogger Jamie, at 3:31 PM  

  • don't blame that on glen...i know he had nothing to do w/ the posting of that tragedy.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:00 AM  

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