Wednesday, January 17

Wordless Wednesday


  • AWE!

    By Blogger ~CRYSTAL~, at 1:50 AM  

  • Ohhhh that is SO cute. There's nothing like seeing your son hold your daddies hand huh? I like Judes outfit too..heehee. =)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:28 AM  

  • I love those pictures!! The height difference is so amazing right now, and then it's gone one day!! I can still remember measuring my almost 8 year old by my hip, and marking their heights on our old wall... :(

    By Blogger Tracey, at 7:56 AM  

  • How sweet!

    By Blogger Terri, at 8:29 AM  

  • I love that pic!! How sentamental.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:03 AM  

  • awwwwwwwwww that is just the sweetest.

    By Blogger KC, at 10:26 AM  

  • I'm lost for words Nicole :D

    By Blogger Shionge, at 10:51 AM  

  • That's a great picture! Know Grandy loves that one.

    By Blogger cindy, at 11:07 AM  

  • SWEET!

    By Blogger Glass Half Full, at 11:28 AM  

  • Just precious! There is just something about a little hand holding on to a big hand that melts the heart:)

    By Blogger Erica, at 11:30 AM  

  • I love pictures like this. Innocence and wisdom - walking hand in hand!!

    By Blogger Shash, at 11:37 AM  

  • What a great picture! I hope you're feeling better today.

    By Blogger Elle*Bee, at 11:46 AM  

  • this is precious!! I need one of those types of pics of my kids...


    By Blogger {Karla}, at 12:34 PM  

  • Beautiful if the past and the future met in present!

    By Blogger Momo, at 12:40 PM  

  • love love love it!

    By Blogger Allison, at 4:46 PM  

  • LOVING this photo!

    By Blogger Gina - Liam's Mom, at 9:10 PM  

  • I love it. So sweet!!!

    By Blogger Gretchen, at 10:35 PM  

  • Is this B. Gap? Now I'm trying to place these pictures. Ha ha! No way! Can I say it one more time? No way!

    By Blogger Girl In Her Underwear, at 1:17 PM  

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