Monday, February 5

Fingernail Color & Debra Messing

So I finally took my Solar Nails off about a month ago. They were so fun and took NO effort, but it was time to let my nails have a break. I now have been painting my nails about once a week and they have stayed great. I've been keeping them really short and really am enjoying them.

That is always the issue, me spending time painting my nails and them chipping the next day. So I have found some colors that I think are AWESOME and actually stay on. The thing is they are not the normal red, pink, or orange tones. They are DARK. OOOHH. Don't be scared!!

When I went to meet Lindsay in Dallas, I took off my (Don't flip out!) BLACK nail polish because I knew I was wearing black that day and I didn't want it to look goth. So I went with a REALLY dark ALMOST black with glitters in it (Of course - nothing wrong with a little shimmer!).

I really am digging the dark colors, but wanted to know everyone's opinion. I am definitely not the average nail "color" lover, and these really dark colors are IT for me right now. What do you think? What do you wear?

BTW-Did I tell ya'll that Lindsay thought that I looked like Debra Messing from the show Will and Grace? I totally forgot about that until right now. So tell me what you think about that too!


  • I get my nails done every other week..French manicured.....I'm pretty set on that....BUT my toe nails are all kinds of colors....I get pedicures every month and paint them every and Madison paint our toes on weekends. I'm into red, pink, orange, bright colors...we will do turquoise in the summer....purple, any color that shows up and I alos love glitters and rhinestones.....I think its all fun.
    On the Debra Messing thing...I haven't seen enough pics of you to determine....sorry.

    By Blogger Jen, at 8:47 PM  

  • Funny you should do this post because I have my nails done ever two weeks and I always have the french look. This last week I decided to have a colour instead of french ( In Australia we Spell Colour like this not color. LOl Just incase you thought I couldnt spell. Well really I cant) Anyway back to the nail story. So I got a really dark colour. Its hard to explain. Its a really dark burgandy. Colour. Plus I got a little gold louis Vuitton (LV) put on one of my nails. Nothing wrong with a little glitter or a little bling bling, I say. But I do like dark colours.

    By Blogger Kim's Life, at 9:13 PM  

  • I love dark colors...on my toes. I'm not a finger nail polish girl. I have however dabbled in the french look every now and then, but my babies were always putting stuff in their mouths and I was always nervous about sticking my sharp finger down their throats....hehehhee. I do love to paint my toes or even go get a pedicure when I can sneak away long enough. Love to be pampered.
    The Debra thing...well not so sure about it cuz it is hard to tell in a photo, but if it is any consolation I will say that both of you are stunning!!

    By Blogger marykathryn, at 9:26 PM  

  • I think you are wayyyy cuter than Debra Messing!!!!

    I don't like color on my fingernails. I only like french manicures...but it's mostly because it always chips. I like color on my toes!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:30 PM  

  • I can't keep nail polish on my nails for more than an hour without a chip. I do love dark colors and my toe nails are never naked (they always have color).

    I've seen pictures of you on your blog and I don't think you look like Debra Messing. But on the other hand I've never seen you in person.

    By Blogger Just Being Me, at 10:37 PM  

  • I have just recently started getting into dark nail colors, but I've stuck with deep red thus far. I am horribly fashion-retarded though, so don't take any nail advice from me. :-)

    By Blogger The Wooden Porch, at 11:31 PM  

  • I don't have nails. But when I get my toes done...I like anything other than light nuetrals.

    By Blogger Anna, at 5:58 AM  

  • I wear black polish too! I love it, but it can look too goth. But I normally have hot pink nails. And almost always with glitter. ;)

    By Blogger ~CRYSTAL~, at 6:00 AM  

  • Nicki I have posted a silly photo of myself on my blog and you can see my nail polish there. Sort of.

    By Blogger Kim's Life, at 6:01 AM  

  • Nicole...I have been trying to answer a comment on Anna's site like I normally do and it isnt letting anyone else having a hard time commenting there???


    By Blogger Anna, at 6:18 AM  

  • I think you're nicer looking than Debra Messing - but there IS something about the smile that's similiar!
    I've recently started just buffing my nails and not painting them anymore. Before that, I used really pale colour (we spell it like that in Canada too, eh!) washes.

    By Blogger Beck, at 6:52 AM  

  • Color never stays on my fingernails so I go au natural. I love a french pedicure, but that doesn't happen often enough. Ahhhh.

    I couldn't say about Debra Messing since I can't really picture her off-hand. ;)

    By Blogger busybusymomma, at 6:54 AM  

  • I try color onmy nails and because they are so short I think it looks silly soi I stick with clear or really nuetral pink. I do think you are way !CUTER! then debra messing, but I also think you kinda look like her...

    By Blogger Lindsay, at 7:48 AM  

  • I don't paint my finger nails since it chips and looks horrible after about a day. I do love pedicures and go for the french look all summer.

    By Blogger Jenmomof4, at 8:04 AM  

  • I had solar nails for a while, but I got tired of keeping them up and I really prefer short nails even though they don't look as pretty. I don't wear polish on my nails, but I do on my toes! I LOVE for my toes to look pretty!

    And I can totally see you and Debra being sisters!!

    By Blogger mom of 2, at 8:34 AM  

  • I am SOOO into the dark colors too! I wear the dark dark purple (almost black), or the so brown it looks black. I LOVE IT! People ask me if I am trying to be "goth" and then I respond...ummm do you know me, cause if you did you would not ask me that!"

    They are totally the "in" colors now too. When we went to San Francisco in Sept, I got a makeover and the girl showed me these colors. I have been hooked ever since.

    OK....and back to your comment...I am sorry but I did laugh on the flute comment. I had no clue you had a hidden talent. I want you to play for me!! :)

    Ok...gotta go. LOVE YOU!

    Oh, and I may find out a certain baby's sex TODAY!

    By Blogger Allison, at 8:46 AM  

  • I have always loved the french manicure look, but I don't mind some reds or pinks. However, my toes are a totally different story. I love play with all sorts of colors there. I have this funky purple for them too, but it really only looks great in the summer when they are tan.

    As far you looking like Debra Mesinger you have a resemeblance that's for sure. I do think you are prettier, but I think Debra is pretty too! I get told I look like a million people too. People ask me if I am so and so all the time. The worst phase was the Nancy Kerrigan (ice skater) drama. I had people ask me ALL the time if I was her! LOL

    By Blogger Trina, at 9:46 AM  

  • I had my nails done only once for high school graduation. I couldn't function at all and it took me about a half hour to put my contact lenses in. I never looked back.

    By Blogger Amber, at 9:52 AM  

  • Well... I USED to get my nails done b/f Matthew came along ... I can't keep them on now ... I liked the french manicure tho...
    My husband is dying for me to get back to the nail salon! I'm with "just being me" ~ I can't keep nail polish on my toes... it wears off in shoes or it chips off when I'm barefoot... I'm saving quite a bit of money right now w/o getting mannies and peddies...

    Uh... I don't think you look like Debra Messing (love her) .... I do think you're much cuter.

    By Blogger Terri, at 9:55 AM  

  • Not a big fan of really dark colors myself, but then again I wouldn't wear them even if I wanted to because hubby likes them clear. Exciting isn't he? :)

    Anything goes when it comes to toes though!

    And way cuter than Debra Messing.

    By Blogger Jamie, at 10:04 AM  

  • I LOVE dark colors on fingernails, they really are so in right now! If I could get myself to stop getting my nails done, I would definitely do the dark polish thing. I always have my acrylic nails with french manicure and the farthest I stray is by getting sparkles in the white and cute decals. The girl who does my nails always does different things with hers, like colors, but I always feel like colors aren't the most professional and with my job I feel like people see my hands a lot and I want to look presentable, ya know? She can pull it off, but I'm in sales and I really want my nails to be kinda neutral, ya know? But yeah, this is getting kinda wordy, eh? :D Anyway, I think it's great you do the dark nail color. Like the other girls, I do tons of different colors on my toes, usually darker in winter and brighter in summer. My absolute favorite is OPI nail lacquer, it is expensive, but so worth it because it STAYS ON. Love, love, love it!

    By Blogger Kik, at 10:09 AM  

  • I love Red or Bright pinks on my toes in the summer Since I wear sandals alot. My nails "when" I have had them done its mostly been in a french manicure. I have seen ladies though with the dark polish and I think alot of people can pull it off and it looks good.

    By Blogger momto3blessings, at 11:04 AM  

  • I think you're prettier than Debra.

    I like dark colors, but I don't wear polish on my fingers because I'm a nail picker and I always poke either myself or one of the boys if I grow my nails out at all, so I keep them really short.

    By Blogger sari, at 11:22 AM  

  • I am a hair dresser and hate nails! I am too high strung and rough to keep them descent...PLUS i have exzema which seems to only flair up when My hands get extra cold or something! anyway I RARELY paint them! Toe nails on the other hand i rarely keep them UNpainted!Plus i need to keep nails short due to massaging feet for pedicures, and hand an arm massages...which are wonderful, ever had one?

    By Blogger palmtreefanatic, at 12:32 PM  

  • I have naked nails. I find it too much work to keep them fresh and looking good. They chip all the time. I'm lucky if it's not just my thumb nails that are long!!

    In the summer I wear polish on my toes - corals, oranges, browns, and pinks but I leave my finger nails nude more times than not.

    By Blogger Shash, at 1:04 PM  

  • i'm terrified of color - for my nails, for my wardrobe. help me!

    By Blogger ali, at 1:25 PM  

  • I do LOVE the dark colors, although I personally haven't tried them. I am totally lazy to keep it up.

    Kelly Ripa wears black nail polish a lot latey... I guess its the thing!

    By Blogger Lisa, at 2:28 PM  

  • Yes, Rustin and I have both commented that you remind us of Debra M. Both of you are very cute!! But the thing is, your personality is a lot like hers on Will and Grace. Sometimes I laugh just because something she will say, or her facial expressions or a gesture she makes will remind me of you to a "T." ....and the dark nail colors. I'm not a fan but then I'm old and who cares what I think. Lots of girls are wearing the dark colors and they look good in them. You look good in anything so don't worry!!!!

    By Blogger AlmostAGrandma, at 2:31 PM  

  • My nails grow like crazy but they're so soft that I can't wear nail polish on them. They start to chip the first time I wash my hands - I've tried just about everything, I think. The best I can manage is Neutrogena Nail Enhancer which wears off gradually.

    I do, however, maintain an awesome pedicure, pretty much year round. I love Clinique's Black Honey shades - one frosted, one not. It's a very deep almost raisin color (not quite brown, not quite wine). Right now I'm wearing Red as Roses by OPI on my toes. It's an obnoxious candy apple red frosted color. It's a happy color, though. Makes me smile when I see it. I'll occasionally do a French pedicure.

    By Blogger Elle*Bee, at 2:46 PM  

  • I would love to see pics of your nail color, I have never did black but dark burgandy I have tried or a dark pink. I use to do my nails all the time, now I don't bother unless I'm going out some place where I want them painted, they just chip way to much and 24 hours after painting them they look like they need painted again at this point in my life I don't have time to do them every day. My toes are normally done though.

    someone asked abouts Anna's blog. I can't get into read it today, it is telling me it is by invite only.

    By Blogger KC, at 2:47 PM  

  • I have the same problem with the polish chipping all the time. i tend to leave my nails bare...When I do paint them though I like the dark colors too. I think it adds mystery...goth? prep? mom? no one knows LOL

    By Blogger Tasha, at 3:27 PM  

  • I just ripped off my fake nails, I got them done for the first time and although they looked pretty and made me feel all girly I hated them! I couldn't pick up anything!!! so now my nails are a bit of a mess!
    love the dark colors you go for it girl! and I think black is really in too!
    as for Debra Messing, there is definitely something similar!

    By Blogger Lala's world, at 4:11 PM  

  • Good lord. I can't remember the last time I painted my nails. I hate that they chip. I DO occasionally paint them with clear polish to get a shine. I know. I am sooooo wild.

    By Blogger Tracey, at 4:14 PM  

  • How can 33 women comment on nail polish? I'm over there bearing my soul about hidden addictions and can barely get a shout out. What the heck?

    By Blogger Flawed & Disorderly, at 7:53 PM  

  • French manicure is my favorite. I'm afraid that I'm not much of girly girl & tend to just do boring 'ole clear polish on my fingernails. BUT, I do love color on my toes in the spring and summer!! (maybe that redeems me a bit! ha!)
    You may favor Debra Messing a little (I hadn't noticed it until you said that though!), but you are way cuter than her!!

    By Blogger Lori, at 8:12 PM  

  • I do see the resemblence of Debra!

    By Blogger palmtreefanatic, at 8:37 PM  

  • I just bought some REALLY dark purple and I LOVE it! Totally stays on!

    By Blogger LaShawn, at 9:29 PM  

  • Hey, I am de-lurking!! I read your post almost everyday and think you are hilarious. I'm sorry to hear about the idiots that have been commenting! I really hope you don't quit blogging. Us mommies need some way to stay connected and blogs have been it for me.

    Hope to see more post to come!

    By Blogger Jason and Amy Horton, at 1:21 PM  

  • Can I tell you that I am so jealous that you have nails that grow!!!! I have the shortest, ugliest nail beds ever and I am always coveting girls with pretty nails. Even acrylic or gel nails look terrible on me.

    So I guess to answer your question...I use a clear top boring!

    By Blogger Stephanie, at 1:11 PM  

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