Wednesday, September 12

Happy Birthday Momma!

Today is my Momma's birthday!! She is turning....well let's just say next year she will be a double nickel plus 5. (Shh. You didn't hear that from me!) :) She is my inspiration for what kind of momma I want to be and everything I am as a mom is because of her. My Momma truly has the gift of being a mother. She loves me in so many ways and shows me pretty much daily. She is my number one encourager and give me 5 minutes with her and she cheers me up and makes me feel like I am the best thing since sliced bread. I want to be to MY kids what she is and HAS BEEN for me!! MY MOMMA IS MY SUNSHINE AND I AM HERS!!
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You'll never know dear how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away!!

Happy Birthday Momma! I Love You!!


  • Aw! Happy Birthday to your mom. And her hair rocks!


    By Blogger Adventures In Babywearing, at 2:22 PM  

  • both of you have some super cooly highlights stylin' in your hair!!

    Happy Birthday to your mama!


    By Blogger {Karla}, at 2:35 PM  

  • Awww...tell your mom I said Happy Birthday!! You guys are such a sweet example for moms & daughters....what a blessing to have such an incredible mom. And, you are right, she has taught you are such a great mom to your kids, I always admire you my sweet Nicoley!!!!!! Your a pretty good teacher too I might add....hehe....I couldn't ask for a better person to take care of my little Dilly at school!!!

    Love you!

    By Blogger Anna, at 7:47 PM  

  • Happy birthday to your mom.. You too look great together.
    I almost fell over.. when I was at bloglines today reading my feed and saw post from you.. I"m so happy your back. All the kids look great on there 1st day of school also.

    By Blogger KC, at 9:01 PM  

  • I have been so worried about you!! :) Glad to see everything is going ok!

    By Blogger Jamie, at 12:25 AM  

  • What a great picture of the two of you. Happy Birthday to your Momma.

    By Blogger Nadine, at 1:07 AM  

  • HEY! Welcome back to the world of blogging! I had given up on you ever returning. The girls pictures are so cute on their first day of school. WOW, they look so grown. I can't believe it. And cute is he??? They are all adorable. I'll have to remember to get our kids to hold up their fingers for pictures. What a great idea!

    Tell your sweet mommy HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Oh how I love her!!! She is a great mom and friend to you. I love yalls relationship.

    Sorry I missed your call. I'll try and call back soon. Thanks for calling me though. Loved the message.

    Talk to you you!!!

    By Blogger Allison, at 10:44 AM  

  • i love aunt sharon and what a cute picture! she is such a sweet lady. i wish we lived closer and stuff.

    By Blogger Taralee, at 3:42 PM  

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