Tuesday, September 11

Jude's first day at YCW

Jude is in the 3 year old class at Young Children's World this year. He is the only child in his class that is NOT potty trained. I would pretty much pay someone at this point to train him for me. I am struggling SO bad with it. Mostly because there is just this stigma on mom's that don't have their kids potty trained by the age of 3. (He turned 3 in June - go on judge me, everyone else does!!) I hate it!! He is just not showing ANY of the signs that he is ready. He has gone on the potty a FEW times, but that is it. I could go on for days, let's just say I need all the advice I can get AND if there is anyone that wants to take on this task - I WILL take out a loan to pay you. (You think I am kidding??)

OK. I have SO gotten off the point of this post. Here is his first day of school picture. Again. He is holding up 3 fingers for his age. ISN'T HE CUTE???
Jude's first day of school

Jude showing off his MASSIVE backpack (Notice the lunch box is almost touching the floor) My little strong man!!

For those of you who don't know YCW is the Mother's Day Out that I teach at on Tuesday/Thursday. I have taught there for 8 years. (I know. I think it is a LONG time too.) I love teaching there because it allows Jude to play with other children and I get to see other adults. (YEAH!) I wouldn't trade my time there for anything. This year I am teaching in the fours class. It is a class of 9 boys and 2 girls. YES - I did say 9. It will be a great year, especially since I am getting to teach with my great friend Cindy. So pretty much I am getting paid to hang out with my friend and love on kids. I LOVE IT!!!


  • ummm....I'm pretty sure that Jude will hurt you when he's older for the whole blog on potty training. So funny, though I'm sure it isn't as funny to you as it is to me. Geez, I thought my backpack was bad, but his is comical. You should get him a fanny pack to try and balance out the load.

    By Blogger rutsinurollet?, at 10:06 PM  

  • HI NICOLE!! Can I just tell you how excited I am that you are blogging again?! (Very excited!!!) Now I get to look what you and your family are up to all the time.
    I love Jude's pictures. He is so so so cute. I love it how he holds up his 3 fingers. It is funny cause Trace can't straighten his fingers either. (True, Jude is only 3...and Trace is 24...but who's counting!)
    OH...and I'm sure he'll potty train whenever he is good and ready.

    By Blogger Taralee, at 10:50 PM  

  • Oh how I've missed you, Nicole!!!

    So sorry about the potty training yuck. I wish I could say I understand, but I totally can see where you are coming from. I don't expect Liam to take an interest for a LONG time. I'll be coming to you later when I need advice.

    Jude is so darling with his HUGE back pack!!!

    Glad you enjoy teaching at YCW. Sounds like a good set up to me!

    By Blogger Liam's Mom - Gina, at 1:44 AM  

  • YOU ARE BACK!!!!! YAY!!!! I have missed you. Your kids are so big. How fun!

    I have a friend who potty trained all of her boys by sending them on a weekend campout with their Dad. On the campout it was for big boys so no diapers were needed. They boys just stopped and peed wherever they wanted. Maybe that would work? Who knows?

    I am so glad you are blogging again!

    By Blogger Ashley, at 6:10 AM  

  • Cute cute cute!!

    Have fun teaching! I used to sub at our Moms Day out in Alabama. It was so much fun!

    By Blogger Jenmomof4, at 7:55 AM  

  • Oh girl! I wouldn't be stressing pushing him to potty. Starlet learned when she was 2-1/2 and I keep hearing that boys learn later. Don't stress it!!
    And yes, he looks so adorable! That backpack is monstrous!

    By Blogger O Mama Mia, at 7:58 AM  

  • Your sweet boy is precious! Don't stress about potty training. I was lucky to have a mentor who had 7, yes 7, children when my kids were little. She was my go to gal, and when my oldest wasn't potty training I called her up and she said, Chill! It can become a stressor for you and him. Nobody is judging you, or if they are they should really find better things to do with their time! Enjoy every moment of your sweet little boy, because one day he will be 10 years old and potty trained for many, many years and half way to being a man.

    By Blogger Tammy M., at 8:19 AM  

  • Thanks for your comment on my blog! I found your blog a few weeks ago, but figured since you hadn't posted since FEBRUARY, you may have given it up! :) I have really enjoyed getting to know you too! Your kids are beautiful.

    By Blogger mrs. mayo, at 8:23 AM  

  • I'm so glad you are back. I've checked from time to time. The kids are adorable in the last two posts about school. They all have sweet smiles on their faces.

    As far as potty training . . . that's a tough one. Not every child is the same and some take longer. Don't be so hard on yourself. He'll get there.

    By Blogger Nadine, at 8:53 AM  

  • Hey, Justin wasn't potty trained until he was almost 4. Evan was about 3 1/2, as well.

    Welcome back! Cute pics!

    By Blogger Tracey, at 9:53 AM  

  • Potty traning is tough, and I really don't think people should judge.

    He's such a cutie anyway!

    Great to see you back!

    By Blogger Nikkie, at 10:08 AM  

  • Jude....what a handsome little man!!!! Stop worrying about him not potty training. (I'm acting as if I would worry if he were mine..and you know I'd probably be saying the same things you are by now..haha) But seriously...he'll do it soon enough. If he is starting Kindergarten & still hasn't potty trained...THEN you might worry....or hire someone to train him for you. haha!! You are one of the best moms I know, and you'll know when he's ready. =)

    By Blogger Anna, at 7:41 PM  

  • Love your blog! I have never posted before.

    PLEASE don't feel bad about the Potty Training. My little boy who will be 4 in October just got completely potty trained in JULY!!! So he was 3 1/2. Boys are hard. My girls were so easy. I feel your frustration, I have been there. Don't feel badly.......he will get it when he is ready. I promise!!!!

    By Blogger Andrea, at 6:37 AM  

  • OK - I'm a little late, but have to tell you that Aidan was 3 1/2 before I really even tried to potty train him. I just waited until he was ready. It seemed to take forever - but one day he really was ready and that was it - no (well, very few) accidents. I was just lucky that his birthday is in Sept, so he was still in the 2's class when it happened. No worries! Maybe the other kids' potty skills will rub off on him.

    By Blogger Melissa, at 8:24 AM  

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