Friday, September 21

One small sticker on the potty chart, one GIANT leap into potty training

NEWER UPDATE: We are going back to diapers. He just isn't ready. While I am still anxious as to what others will think, my husband said the sweetest and most encouraging thing today. When I was telling him that I didn't want people to think of me as a bad mom because I am putting Jude back in diapers, he said, "Nicole, you are doing what a good mom does. Watching YOUR child and doing what it best for HIM. THAT is what makes a good mom." I am SO thankful for a supportive husband!!!! So we will try in another month and see how it goes and I am OK with that!!

UPDATE: I have to admit that I am wavering today whether to keep potty training Jude. He loves to wear big underwear and can go on the potty if I ask every 30 minutes, BUT he has NEVER on his own asked to go. He has had several accidents where he doesn't even tell me that he has gone which has been very discouraging. Then he will not have an accident for HOURS at a time. We go to school tomorrow and I am very nervous about how it will go. This has been one of the mots stressful times as a mom for me. It is ranked up there with Bailey not figuring out how to nurse. I am just so afraid that he is just not ready and I am forcing him to do this out of my own insecurities as a mom. I don't want the scrutiny from anyone questioning why I am stopping, but I just don't know what to do!! I am going to see how the day goes. It has really only been 3 full days, so should I give it longer?? I am just at a loss!

Well today was THE day. The day where I put Jude in underwear. It has been quite an experience. He has done better than I thought he would. He has had 3 accidents all day. I thought that was pretty good, considering he went on the potty about 15 times. AND he even went poop once. Just a little, but it still counted. He has been loving the movie Cars, and has been wanting a cup with Lightning McQueen on it, so that has been our motivation today.

Here he is watching the Cars movie. He isn't even looking at me, just smiling and still watching the tv.

Tonight I got the cup but also got some Cars stickers and made a sticker chart for him. We will see how tomorrow goes. I told him that if gets 5 stickers in a row, then he can have the cup. I need some smaller rewards for him and he doesn't really like candy, so any ideas??

Mezmorized by Cars!!

I am really proud of him even though he did have some mistakes. I started thinking today about his accidents and realized that they do call it potty TRAINING for a reason. I never had to try that hard with the girls, but for him it is going to take some training and that is OK.

Tonight when I was putting him to bed, he did NOT want to put a diaper on. THAT was such a big step for me and just the push I needed to let me know that it is the perfect time to be training him. I put his underwear over his diaper, but it looks like we will be off to the store for some pull-ups tomorrow for bedtime!! Wish us luck!!


  • love the pictures of him in big boy undies!
    at least he likes the movie Cars, and not some annoying movie- Cars is pretty funny!

    By Blogger Kara Sheets, at 10:19 PM  

  • He looks like Trace watching cars! Must be a guy thing! :) Jude is so dang cute too. He has THE cutest smile EVER. All your kids have cute smiles though! (Just like their mamma!) OH, and it's ok for "gunning" me down on Rustin's blog. ha ha. I just need to stay in better contact with my friends brit, paris, nichole, and the other

    By Blogger Taralee, at 12:49 PM  

  • What a transition from little guy to bigger guy. He's adorable. If he doesn't like candy then what about the $1 store. They often have little prizes and some are 2 for a $1.

    By Blogger Nadine, at 3:07 PM  

  • Way to Go Jude, what a big boy. We are just about at the point of potty training also.. I thought i would start at the start of Sept,but life got crazy so I'm waiting. DH should be going back to work 10/1 if all goes well, so Maybe the start of Oct. will be the time to do this. He has peed in the potty at least two or three times a day since Summer started and Last week even pooped in the potty twice, but i haven't moved him to undies and haven't taken the time to get him fully trained.

    By Blogger KC, at 3:42 PM  

  • Awww..way to go Jude!!! The part where he didn't want to put a diaper on at night is HUGE! That just shows you that he is liking being a big boy, and ready for this whole training thing! You've done SO great being patient with him, so many times moms get impatient & push their kids (hmm...I think that was me with Cami....haha) when they aren't ready, and end up making the process longer & harder than it should be. So, pat yourself on the've done awesome with him. =)

    One thing I used to do as rewards was instead of new toys, etc...I would reward them with things that they liked to do around the house. (me jumping on the trampoline WITH them...playing cars/barbies with them....things they really liked worked just as good most of the time) Good luck Jude! Can't wait to see you soon with your big boy underwear on!

    By Blogger Anna, at 4:07 PM  

  • Good luck gal.....Miller turns 2 in November.....that is when we will start talking....I may need some advice from you then.....

    By Blogger Jen, at 5:56 PM  

  • Oh I have this to look forward to.

    By the way, love is cool hair!!!


    By Blogger Glass Half Full, at 8:50 PM  

  • Way to go Jude!!! We are in the same boat over here. Hud has been tee teeing in the potty since right before Harper was born. I did not even want to attempt potty training then because I heard that they can regress once a baby is in the picture. WELL, I have not even begun to attempt potty training even though I know he's ready. It's my own fault for being lazy. Maybe Jude's success story can inspire me to give it a go!!!

    Hud has the same Cars undies! :)

    By Blogger Allison, at 9:00 AM  

  • You are not a bad mom......far from it....hang in there.....your doing what you are supposed to do.

    By Blogger Jen, at 4:20 PM  

  • Your husband is right!! You know your child better than anyone!! So don't worry what others think!! Who cares anyway!!

    Just think....he will not be wearing diapers when he goes to High School...he will be potty trained his own time!!

    Your doing great!

    By Blogger Rebecca, at 5:05 PM  

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