Monday, October 1

Harley Marley turns 1!!!

Harley's first picture - The night we chose her to be a part of our family

I can't believe it has almost been a year since we got our Golden Retriever, Harley. Most of you know the story of our first puppy that got parvo the day after we brought her home. SHE was the little dog that I have always wanted. After she died, I told Glen that he could pretty much get whatever dog he wanted to. A good friend has had Goldens for a long time and she planted the seed that a Golden would be the perfect dog for us. "I'm" the one that found her in the paper and when the guy brought her and another puppy for me to choose from, "I'm" the one that chose her. So when I blame Glen for us getting a big dog, it really is blame shifting on my part.

Today is her one year old birthday. Parker INSISTED that we throw her a party and could not understand why we couldn't invite her dog friends. So we went to Wal-mart and got her a new toy and treats to clean her teeth (shh... she thinks they just taste good). She got to get the treat out of our birthday plate that everyone gets to eat out of on their birthday, the kids though that was the coolest!

This is the crew at the birthday party tonight

Honestly, Harley Marley (BTW-Glen started calling her that and it has officially become her middle name) is the best dog for our family. She actually obeys pretty well. I've gotten lots of compliments on her behavior which means the world to me. It is like getting a compliment on one of my children.
Parker has a special relationship with Harley. She is always the one that loves on her and baby talks to her. It is so sweet to watch. Avery isn't the biggest fan of Harley, but deep down loves her and is protective of her. Jude and Harley are buds. In fact, Jude was TERRIFIED of dogs until we got Harley, so she has been a blessing in that regard. Bailey comes in a close second to Parker. She really does love her. Harley has been a GREAT dog for our family - all round. My FAVORITE thing about Harley is that she is my running partner. She motivates me and actually takes my mind off of the run. The shedding I could do without, but I wouldn't trade her for anything!! (Even though I tease about it)

Happy Birthday Harley Marley!!


  • Happy Birthday, Harley Marley! Hilarious party! We did a birthday party for my parents dog over the summer too. It is amazing how sappy we all are!

    By Blogger Ashley, at 6:01 AM  

  • happy bday harley! i love that pic of all your "kids" together:)

    By Blogger annalee, at 6:28 AM  

  • How cute....such a sweet photo...happy birthday harley!

    By Blogger Jen, at 6:55 AM  

  • Happy Birthday HAR-LAY!! I still think thats the best way to pronounce it! ha! I wish I could bond with a dog that way, but I guess it's just not gonna happen. They always say there are those who just aren't "dog people"....well I guess that's me. Bummer. =)

    By Blogger Anna, at 7:38 AM  

  • I love golden's!! That was our first Child. We got Alex a year after we were married. She did everything with us! We took her to obedient school and she was just wonderful. She loved all four of our children!! We miss her so much! I have not been able to think about getting another dog..she was so great! Its been a year since she has been gone and I still want to call for her to go outside!

    You will have so many memories with Harley!!

    Did you see that you won something on my blog? Email me your address so I can send it out to you!

    By Blogger Jenmomof4, at 7:46 AM  

  • Happy Birthday Harley!!! So sweet that Parker wanted to throw a bday party for her. How cute!!! I love the picture of the 5 of them. Thats a framer!!!

    Our Ace turned 4 in Sept. I can remember bringing him to school when I was student-teaching with your mom. Oh, how I loved teaching with her!!!

    By Blogger Allison, at 9:51 AM  

  • Definitely a picture worth framing! What a lovely photo...Happy B-Day Harley Marley!

    By Blogger DIXIECHICK, at 10:16 AM  

  • happy bday harley! she did a great job running with you the other night around acu. very well behaved!
    maybe one day her and duke can have a doggie date. don't worry...he doesn't have his mojo anymore....

    By Blogger Kara Sheets, at 11:19 AM  

  • Happy birthday to Harley Marley! That's a cute name for a dog. She sure is pretty and the picture with the kids is so cute.

    By Blogger Nanna, at 8:25 PM  

  • Awww...I am a sucker for a cute puppy! Happy Birthday Harley Marley! Golden's are beautiful!!

    By Blogger Lori, at 8:47 PM  

  • What a cutie!!!


    By Blogger Glass Half Full, at 10:47 PM  

  • Happy Birthday to your puppy.
    Love the group shot.

    By Blogger KC, at 9:28 AM  

  • i wish i didn't miss out on big events like this. and I wish that i had a running partner. I guess I kind of do. I run with a girl from school every weekend around central park. it is awesome. So when you come here to visit, you'll have to bring your running shoes and we'll go for a little 6 miles or so.

    By Blogger rutsinurollet?, at 9:30 AM  

  • Happy birthday Harley! My SIL has a dog named Marley and we're sitting for her next week and I'm so excited! I think it will be fun to have a walking partner!

    By Blogger Kari, at 11:27 AM  

  • What a cute family - dog and kids! We have a million nicknames for our dog. We don't have kids yet - so he is our baby.

    By Blogger Kelly, at 4:22 PM  

  • We just have this sign made for our child that we stick in our window of our car. The cars just make a line in the parking lot. They have 3 teachers working 2-3 cars at a time. They take your child from the car and walk them into the building where the rest of the teachers are. Each child sits with their class until it's time for school to start. They usually only stay out there for 10 minutes. If you show up after that you have to bring them in yourself. When schools out they read the sign on your window and again, 2-3 teachers are loading the kids into the cars. If you are more than 10 minutes late picking up your child after school they start charging you 10 dollars for every 5 minutes you are late. We are walking distance from the church, so at least I don't have to worry about that!! It's very organized and the teachers have it down to an art!

    I love the system. I think it is so great. You should be the mastermind to impliment this at your school!!! :)

    By Blogger Allison, at 12:56 PM  

  • Cute puppy! We have a golden too. Aren't they the best!

    By Blogger MMM, at 2:38 PM  

  • happy birthday harley! sweet!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:33 PM  

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