Monday, March 17

Starting the back blogging - Spring Break

So this is what I'm going to call back blogging. It is where I don't blog for months at a time, and then try and catch up with some quick little posts. It is also where I feel nothing but guilt that I have not made time to do this until now. Where I look at the date that I posted last and feel like I have SO much to remember and wonder what I'm going to forget. I actually feel like crying right not, but I'll push through and get this done. If there is a story I was suppose to blog about, hopefully I'll remember it. I am going to try and get this done this week because the girls are gone to music camp and I might get a little bored. OK - here I go. Where to start? Hmm.

I'll start at Spring Break.

The Crew

The kids and I went to the cabin in Ruidoso for most of the week. Mom and Dad were there on their Spring Break also, so we got to hang out with them. We took Avery's best friend, Bethany with us so it was a special trip for us. It was our first trip with a friend so I was a little nervous, but Bethany is one of the sweetest girls that I have ever met. I am so thankful that she and Avery are such good friends.

Ave and Bethany

My kids favorite thing to do at the cabin is STILL going for a hike. We did and Bethany got a little sick. There is nothing like taking another child 6 1/2 hours away from their parents and them getting sick!!! She was and always is SO sweet. I just hated it for her. You always want your mom when you don't feel good and so I really felt bad for her.

We went to our favorite park and the kids really had fun playing. It was especially fun since Ruidoso was still in school and some of the 5th graders came to that park after we had been there for a while. I think my kids were feeling just a little cool that they were out.

Another thing the kids did was play fusball. We had some major matches going on, but sad to say that noone could stand a chance against ME!! Ha Ha. It is so fun beating little children. :)


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