Friday, May 9

Bailey turns 9!!

We had Bailey's birthday party. We always try and think of something creative to do and somehow seem to come back to some of the old things. I try and give my kids a choice on what kind of birthday party they want. One of the choices that I gave Bailey was an ALMOST sleepover. She ended up thinking that was a good idea. Of course I loved it because I didn't have to have any extra kids spend the night, but still let her feel like they did most everything except sleep that a normal sleepover would have.

Bailey chose Hannah Montana party, so her cookie said Pump up the party cause Bailey's 9! My kids have been on a roll with picking a cookie instead of cakes. Easy for me, so I'm not griping.

We decorated pillow cases for part of the party favor/activity. I love choosing party favors that actually count as an activity/game for the party! It really helps with my stress level. :)

They watched the movie Meet the Robinsons and ate pizza. I couldn't believe that they would be into the movie that much, but they were GLUED to that tv.

Then they all got glow sticks and went to jump on the trampoline and play outside in the dark.
It was really fun to watch them and hear all their little squeals. They are holding up 9 fingers for Bailey turning 9.


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