Wednesday, May 7

Carrie Underwood

Glen's mom called me at school and asked if I wanted 2 free tickets to see Carrie Underwood in Lubbock on the next day. I jumped on those tickets so fast. Carrie Underwood is one of Avery's favorite singers, so I was SO excited. One of my mil's co-workers had won the tickets and couldn't go because of other plans. So the deal was if she gave me the tickets, I had to get her a Carrie Underwood shirt at the concert. To me, that was a GREAT deal.

I picked Avery up from school and asked her to name her top 5 favorite singers. The very first one out of her mouth was Carrie!! When I told her that I was taking her to Carrie's concert, she thought I was joking. I told her that I AM the best mom ever and it was her 5th grade graduation gift. (I know - I have already thought about when the other kids graduate from 5th grade and I am setting the standards REALLY high. - Any ideas?? Ha)

I picked her up early from school on Wednesday and we drove to Lubbock. We ate at a really good Italian place and then went to get ready at my mom's house. Of course my mom was out of town, so we just borrowed her house.

Josh Turner performed first and he was great, but Carrie was AMAZING. She sounds just as good as she does on the radio.

One of the cutest things was how Avery just could NOT understand why we could not talk to Carrie. Our seats were so close to the stage that I guess she figured that we should be able to go up and meet her. I loved getting to go to her first concert with her. It will be a favorite memory for sure.

We got back LATE that night and both of us had school the next day, but it was SO worth that $30 shirt (+ our $30 shirts + gas + dinner - ha ha) I bought for the co-worker.


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