Saturday, May 10

Whitney and Landon's reception

Our sweet friends Whitney and Landon Sheets had their wedding reception at the zoo tonight. They are getting married in Colorado in June, so we were excited to be able to celebrate with them at the zoo. I never think to have any get together at the zoo, but let me just tell you. It is awesome. There is something for the kids and then the adults can talk and not worry about if the kids are getting into something they are not suppose to. We tried to take some family pictures there, but it is a MAJOR task to get 2 adults and 4 kids (heavy on the kids part) to ALL look good in a picture. But these are the ones we came away with.

This is a little fuzzy, but seriously it was as good as we got.

My girlies doing the "cuckoo" thing from Sound of Music

Me and my girls

I got this one of Jude while he was not wanting to take a picture at all. He was sliding down this hill on his bottom and while he was doing that I snapped this picture. Can I just say that this is one of my favorite pictures of ALL time!! Kool-aid stain that he had just gotten on his shirt and all. It just captures who he is to a tee!!

I love this one. Glen is always turning and doing this when we are taking a picture together and I usually laugh like I did this night. He is just SO sweet!!


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