Friday, June 13

Parker's Kidquest

This was the first year that Parker got to go to ACU leadership camps. When you are going into 1st grade, you get to go to Kidquest. Parker has been waiting so long to go. Avery and Bailey have been going since they were her age and it just seems like forever that she had to wait.

She was so excited to have Kimberly Lewis as her counselor. That is who she was hoping for so she lucked out on that one.

She had the best week. Her friends Landry and Kennedy also went that same week. Keep in mind that these girls are the same age. Parker looks 2 years older, at LEAST!

Calling for Willy!!

On Friday they have a little program for the parents. They show us all that learned throughout the week. One of those things was the wildcat warm-up. They call Willy the Wildcat out to lead them in this.

Jude is so scared of Willy. This is where he was while Willy was doing his warm-up. (under his chair)

This is part of the warm-up:

Balance... balance.... (on one leg)

Brush - Brush - Brush (pretending to brush hair)

It is awesome that my girls get to spend a week around good Christian counselors at camp. My kids are blessed by their example and I am thankful!!


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