Thursday, June 5

Remember the Alamo!

This week we went to San Antonio for a little spur of the moment vacation. We stayed with one of my favorite friends, Allison and her husband Matt. I met Allison at Kadesh 8 years ago this summer. She was actually in the room when Parker was born, so to say we are close is nothing but the truth. Ha. They were SO sweet to let us come stay with them. Their home was beautiful and it was the perfect getaway, WAY better than any hotel. Their precious kids Hudson and Harper are the cutest things you have ever seen.

The first day they went with us to Sea World. They go a lot, so they went to show us the ropes. They were so helpful and told us what to do and what NOT to do. We had so much fun with them.

The kids in front of the Sea World fountain

One of Jude's favorite things in the world is horses. He loved getting to see the Clydesdales at Sea World. We went back several times to see them. Jude's souvenir was a stuffed horse and he carried that around the whole time.

Here's the crew waiting for Shamu. The picture after the show would have looked a little different. We were ALL soaked. Baby Harper and all. I guess that's why they call it the splash zone. Dodo me didn't think that it would be salt water. I know. Duh Nicole. It is the water that Shamu swims in!! It was seriously sticky. Who knew?

Me, Bailey and Parker in the little kids water park - I promise I'm not choking them.

Allison took us to a really cool mall called La Cantera that is outdoors. It is just like any other mall except the roof covering the walkway was not covered. It was all open air and it had the best stores there. It was fun to just hang out and shop. I of course was going for some MAC. :)

Parker with her new sunglasses and the Judeman shopping at the mall

Getting 6 kids to all smile proved to be too big a task for us. So this is what we got. It TOTALLY doesn't do them justice!! Her kids are GORGEOUS!! (BTW-It was hot and REALLY sunny that day. Not that I'm making excuses. :)

We ate at the Rainforest Cafe on the River Walk. It was a great experience for us and the girls.

Jude on the other hand freaked out every time it thundered. He would crawl under the table and do this. Nice.

On the River Walk

My 4 favorite people!!!

The kids were looking forward to seeing the Alamo. I guess they had learned about it in school and it was something that they REALLY wanted to see. I'm telling you though. San Antonio is a VERY hot place. The best time to see anything there is in the evening. NOTE TO SELF!

The last day we went back to Sea World. We got to feed the dolphins, ride more rides and swim at the water park they have there.

This is the only picture I have from the water park. It was over cast and Glen took the girls on all the slides while Jude and I hung out at the wave pool, so there wasn't anyone to take pictures. So you get this goofy grin from Jude - but really. What more do you want!! Ha.

It really was a fun vacation. I am so thankful for Allison and Matt for letting us stay with them. They were amazing hosts and made sure we had everything we needed and more. I feel so blessed to have Allison in my life. Her friendship is one that doesn't come along too often and I cherish it more than words.


  • What a great few days that was!!! I just love ALL 6 of you so much. What a fast 8 years, huh???

    I too am so blessed by our friendship!!! Love you!!

    By Blogger Allison, at 4:51 PM  

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