Thursday, July 3

Parker turns big #7!

Parker's birthday party was this weekend. She wanted a Hannah Montana sleepover, so a HM sleepover is what she got. She had 3 of her friends and one of Avery's. When I asked her why she was inviting Bethany(Ave's friend), she said that she wanted Avery to have someone there too. I'm not sure if that was selfish being that Avery and Bethany would leave them alone or what, but Bethany came too.

I want to thank LB for teaching my kids that you can slide down the stairs on sleeping bags!! :) They LOVED doing this. Squeals galore! Sorry for the red eyes!

The home-made Strawberry birthday cake (my first time to make that one). I have to admit, when I usually make their cakes, I use a box. I know, I know! Don't judge me! Even though this took more time and effort, it was fun and it made me feel like I was being a good mom. Don't ask me why. I know it sounds dumb, ok?

Me and the birthday girl (missing 6 teeth!) with her cake

The birthday crew (without Bethany - Parker's plan worked. Ave and B were playing outside!)

"Happy Birthday to you...." Blow out the candles!!

This picture is SO funny, because she was SHOCKED and SO excited to get this Hannah Montana doll!! Can you tell??? Ha. Thanks Cindy!

I love this one because she looks SO happy. She loved everything that she got.

Parker is such a fun loving, happy, life of the party girl. She was the first of my kids to get a dimple. I remember when the nurse said," She is pink as a little pig! AND she has a dimple on her left cheek!" I tell her that story often and we both laugh. Well, she laughs while I tear up. I love her so much and am so proud of who she is. And did I mention I think she is GORGEOUS?? I know I'm her mom, but I just had to say it, OK??


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