Monday, May 12

YCW program

We had our end of the year program at YCW. So glad that it is over, but it turned out REALLY good. I was told that my class did GREAT and that made me feel awesome! I was really proud of my 4 year olds.

Me and my little man before the program. We had shirts that were ALMOST the same. His letters were all in zebra and mine were different animal prints, but he still felt like twinkies. He LOVES his shirt!!

Jude's 3's class was so cute. They say down to sing, but Jude wasn't in the most singing mood. He sat and smiled most of the time.

He did a few motions, but for the most part watched himself on the screen behind the class. I think next year we are doing away with the big screen.

It is more of a distraction to all the children than something that enhances the parents view. Jude sure had a good time watching the back of his head though.


  • you're back! you're back! i'm so happy to see how you and your gorgeous family are doing!

    By Blogger Ali, at 4:25 PM  

  • I love all the new posts. I am so glad you finally caught just the last Ruidoso trip...but don't think I'm pressuring you. :D

    By Blogger The Claridges, at 7:41 PM  

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