Monday, August 27

School is starting!!

School started today. That in itself is not THAT big of a deal. Summer is over and that is a bummer, but the real sadness comes when I think about Parker (my 3rd daughter) starting Kindergarten. It breaks my heart! She is so precious. She is the one that plays with my hair when I am tired, or rubs my shoulder when I've had a long day. She cries when I cry and has been with me and Jude for the last 2 years. I am going to miss her SO much. I know she will do great. She is SO ready and excited about going. She has the most awesome teacher. Avery and Bailey had the same one for Kindergarten. She is our neighbor and dear friend, Mrs. Jody Reese. I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. I feel so blessed to be able to leave my child with someone who is a Christian, someone that will teach her with the love of Christ. It is a BLESSING I tell you.

Parker - Kindergarten

Parker is making the K sign in sign language. I don't want anyone to think that I have taught my 6 year old gang signs. :)

Bailey got a teacher that Avery has had
in the past and I prayed that Bailey would have her this year. Mrs. Karen Sharp has been a precious teacher and our whole family loves her. I couldn't be more happy with Bailey being in her class this year.

Bailey - 3rd Grade

Avery has a few teachers this year.
Mrs. Massingill, Mrs. Varner, and Mrs. Blair. My mil knows a couple of them and has only good things to say about them. I know that Mr. Adams (the principal) prays over which child should be in what class and that has always been a comforting thought for me. I know Ave will have a great year.

Avery - 5th Grade

These are their first day of schoo
l pictures. A friend gave me the idea to take a picture every year with them holding up the same number of fingers as the grade they are in and I have done it ever since. I always do it in the same place too just to see how much they have grown from year to year.

Saturday, August 18

Lubbock Trip & Water Rampage

The family

This week Glen had his one week of vacation this summer. So we went crazy and headed to Lubbock to stay with my parents. Woo Hoo!! See while this doesn't sound SO fun to all, it was the b
est week ever. We got to hang out with my brother, niece and sil! And of course my parents.

Glen and my little man

It was just a blast not having to be anywhere or do anything specific. Mom bought the girls some new school clothes so that was NICE!!! (Where would I be without grandparents?? My mil took them shopping earlier too. Yeah, I'm lucky!)

Parker, Bailey, Avery and Jude

The last full day we had, we headed to Water Rampage. It is a water park in Lubbock that is JUST big enough to be great fun. It has 2 big slides, a lazy river and my favorite - a Wave pool. We hadn't been to a water park since Avery was 3 and she didn't really remember, so all the kids were stoked about it. We had SO much fun. My kids thought they were the luckiest kids in the world.

All that fun made us HUNGRY!!! :)