Friday, May 16

I love New York!!

Glen's parents took Glen and me to New York City for a special summer treat. They wanted to take their boys to see a Yankees game while they were still playing in the old stadium. For me, it was a trip to NYC!!! Yippee!! We met Glen's brother Jason and sil Sara there because they live in Colorado. It was so much fun taking a trip with just the 6 of us without kids. That doesn't happen that often as you can imagine. :)

Roye Sue and her "fellas" at Grand Central Station

The first day it was raining but we still went looking around went over to Canal street. It is a street where you can buy knock-off purses, watches, and all kids of what I would consider goodies. (Glen would NOT describe it as that. ha) The rain really took a toll on us and after being out in it for several hours, so after it got dark we headed back to the hotel.

The whole crew before the Yankees game

The guys thought this would be funny. I thought it was cute. I have one of them turned around, but I like this one. The 3 baldies.

The next day we went to the Yankees game. Glen's family are HUGE Yankees fans. Glen had looked forward to seeing them play his whole life. That day we went to the Subway series with the Mets, but sadly we lost. It was still such a blast. The weather was PERFECT!! I had a blast just people watching and enjoying the atmosphere and weather. It really was fun.

We ate at the fanciest restaurant that night in our Yankees gear. We all thought it was funny because this policeman recommended it to us knowing how we were dressed. We could feel the stares as we made our way through the place. Glen also almost crawled under the table when I asked for ketchup for my filet mignon. I guess our classiness was evident from the moment we arrived to the moment we left. Ha Ha.

We met my cousin Rustin and he tried taking us to a cool place that had dancing and pool, but we couldn't get in because Glen had on shorts and Jason had on sandals. (THANKS GUYS!!) So we walked FOREVER trying to find a place to hang out. We ended up at Gavin DeGraw's bar. It had live music and Rustin and I got to swing dance together. It was SO much fun and a MAJOR workout!! We also watched 2 people make out a foot in front of us for 15 minutes. It was nasty AND funny. Everyone around us were taking pictures. I am still not sure we weren't getting punk'd. (Yes. I DO know Ashton Kutcher. And yes he might punk me - OKKAAAY!)

The girls

We went to the Statue of Liberty. I had seen it when I was there before (I was 16), but it was fun to be with Glen when he saw it for the 1st time.

Rustin took us to a place called The Shake Shack and it was one of my most favorite moments of the trip. The weather was cool and pleasant, the food was amazing and I loved getting to hang out with Rustin. He is SO funny and it is always so fun to be around him. He always makes me smile!!

Me and cuz Russy Russ again

Rustin took us back to Canal Street for more goodies. I got a blister on my foot from walking in the rain in flats, so I took my shoe off and went bare foot. Glen and Rustin were GAGGING out! Rustin even took a picture, but honestly I STILL don't see what the big deal was. My foot hurt, I didn't want it to hurt, so I solved the problem. I ended up buying some really cute soft boots and my foot felt great after that. But it was funny to see them look SO disgusted with me.

Me and New York's Finest

You KNOW I had to go to the MAC store. I made a special trip the day we left JUST to go there. I think they should have a new slogan. Original of course. It should be MAC. Nuff Said. Catchy huh?? That's my slogan at least. :)


Monday, May 12

YCW program

We had our end of the year program at YCW. So glad that it is over, but it turned out REALLY good. I was told that my class did GREAT and that made me feel awesome! I was really proud of my 4 year olds.

Me and my little man before the program. We had shirts that were ALMOST the same. His letters were all in zebra and mine were different animal prints, but he still felt like twinkies. He LOVES his shirt!!

Jude's 3's class was so cute. They say down to sing, but Jude wasn't in the most singing mood. He sat and smiled most of the time.

He did a few motions, but for the most part watched himself on the screen behind the class. I think next year we are doing away with the big screen.

It is more of a distraction to all the children than something that enhances the parents view. Jude sure had a good time watching the back of his head though.

Saturday, May 10

Whitney and Landon's reception

Our sweet friends Whitney and Landon Sheets had their wedding reception at the zoo tonight. They are getting married in Colorado in June, so we were excited to be able to celebrate with them at the zoo. I never think to have any get together at the zoo, but let me just tell you. It is awesome. There is something for the kids and then the adults can talk and not worry about if the kids are getting into something they are not suppose to. We tried to take some family pictures there, but it is a MAJOR task to get 2 adults and 4 kids (heavy on the kids part) to ALL look good in a picture. But these are the ones we came away with.

This is a little fuzzy, but seriously it was as good as we got.

My girlies doing the "cuckoo" thing from Sound of Music

Me and my girls

I got this one of Jude while he was not wanting to take a picture at all. He was sliding down this hill on his bottom and while he was doing that I snapped this picture. Can I just say that this is one of my favorite pictures of ALL time!! Kool-aid stain that he had just gotten on his shirt and all. It just captures who he is to a tee!!

I love this one. Glen is always turning and doing this when we are taking a picture together and I usually laugh like I did this night. He is just SO sweet!!

Friday, May 9

Bailey turns 9!!

We had Bailey's birthday party. We always try and think of something creative to do and somehow seem to come back to some of the old things. I try and give my kids a choice on what kind of birthday party they want. One of the choices that I gave Bailey was an ALMOST sleepover. She ended up thinking that was a good idea. Of course I loved it because I didn't have to have any extra kids spend the night, but still let her feel like they did most everything except sleep that a normal sleepover would have.

Bailey chose Hannah Montana party, so her cookie said Pump up the party cause Bailey's 9! My kids have been on a roll with picking a cookie instead of cakes. Easy for me, so I'm not griping.

We decorated pillow cases for part of the party favor/activity. I love choosing party favors that actually count as an activity/game for the party! It really helps with my stress level. :)

They watched the movie Meet the Robinsons and ate pizza. I couldn't believe that they would be into the movie that much, but they were GLUED to that tv.

Then they all got glow sticks and went to jump on the trampoline and play outside in the dark.
It was really fun to watch them and hear all their little squeals. They are holding up 9 fingers for Bailey turning 9.

Wednesday, May 7

Carrie Underwood

Glen's mom called me at school and asked if I wanted 2 free tickets to see Carrie Underwood in Lubbock on the next day. I jumped on those tickets so fast. Carrie Underwood is one of Avery's favorite singers, so I was SO excited. One of my mil's co-workers had won the tickets and couldn't go because of other plans. So the deal was if she gave me the tickets, I had to get her a Carrie Underwood shirt at the concert. To me, that was a GREAT deal.

I picked Avery up from school and asked her to name her top 5 favorite singers. The very first one out of her mouth was Carrie!! When I told her that I was taking her to Carrie's concert, she thought I was joking. I told her that I AM the best mom ever and it was her 5th grade graduation gift. (I know - I have already thought about when the other kids graduate from 5th grade and I am setting the standards REALLY high. - Any ideas?? Ha)

I picked her up early from school on Wednesday and we drove to Lubbock. We ate at a really good Italian place and then went to get ready at my mom's house. Of course my mom was out of town, so we just borrowed her house.

Josh Turner performed first and he was great, but Carrie was AMAZING. She sounds just as good as she does on the radio.

One of the cutest things was how Avery just could NOT understand why we could not talk to Carrie. Our seats were so close to the stage that I guess she figured that we should be able to go up and meet her. I loved getting to go to her first concert with her. It will be a favorite memory for sure.

We got back LATE that night and both of us had school the next day, but it was SO worth that $30 shirt (+ our $30 shirts + gas + dinner - ha ha) I bought for the co-worker.