Wednesday, January 31


**After reading this, I am afraid it sounds REALLY grouchy, so be ready. You may think differently of me afterwards, but PLEASE don't. Don't say I didn't warn you though.**

I am posting again today to let everyone off the hook that hasn't commented on my WW yet. I am doing you a service of not gagging everyone out including me. I had to stop the "ya'll are so cute, pretty, look like sisters" comments. I mean I LOVE those!!! They make me whole year. To even be considered in the same league as my Bestie Anna is a GREAT honor. (Am I going overboard??) ANYWAY, What are you suppose to say to a picture of 2 grown women hanging over a (yes Flip Flip) church nursery door. I LOVE that picture. It is one of my favorites. Truly. It is time to move on to......well other things. After reading this next post, you might be WISHING for the WW picture to comment to. Oh well. Here goes.

Today is blah. It's funny though. I don't "feel" blah. I mean I do, but I don't. My body feels fine. Great in fact. I just have had a weird day. I know most of you think that I am this always fun, happy go lucky, smilin' all the time, AND I AM most of the time, today though, not so much. The SUPER funny thing is I have NO reason to have a day like this today. It has been good. I wish I could say that I was PMSing, but I can't. That would make the most sense to me. Here are some GREAT things about my day that should pop me right out of my mood.

1. I am STILL in my pj's at 2:40 in the afternoon. WOO HOO!

2. BOTH of my kids at home are napping right now!! YEAH!

3. I just made some coffee. See, that is weird for me though. If I have coffee, it is in the morning. NOT the afternoon, it just sounded good today. Warm. STILL I am freezing. I have turned my heater down to almost off because our electricity bill was $415.00 and I about freaked OUT!!! So we are in freezing mode and coffee just sounded good to warm me up.

4. Did I already mention that I have 2 kids sleeping behind me!! It is going on 2 hours now!! Yipee!

5. I have gotten a few loads of laundry done AND cleaned the kitchen without interruption.

See, aren't those great things? Yet, when my husband called about an hour ago (I was already blogging and the kids were already down) he asked me what was wrong. I know I sound blah. I just can't. snap. out. of .it!! I hope it gets better. Maybe when I get the girls from school I will get out of this funk. Does anyone else do this? I have SO many things to be in a happy mood about and I KNOW it. I just can't seem to actually do it.

Tuesday, January 30

Wordless Wednesday

My Bestie Anna and Me

Monday, January 29

Who took a nap today??

I always make my two kids that are still home Parker (5), and Jude (2 1/2) lay down for a nap. Now granted Parker is getting to the age where she is not so excited about sleeping. She is always a champ though at laying down and reading OR just resting.

Cut to today where I was SO tired (went to sleep at 4AM and got up at 7am) so we were for SURE laying down today. Jude and I fell fast asleep no problem, but I knew Parker did not fall asleep today. SO, when we went to pick the other 2 girls from school, she starts hitting her foot on her seat in the car. OOOHHing and OUCHing making all kinds of ruckus. It kind of scared me at first, but then I could hear her saying, "My foot is hurting, my foot is hurting (while laughing)!!!" I told her that it was probably just asleep. So then, she says, "I guess my foot was tired today and not my head. Cause it didn't go to sleep today." So there you have it. Parker's foot was the one that took the nap today. NOT her head. :)

Sunday, January 28

Dallas Trip/Meeting Fellow Bloggers

My friend Cindy and I took off Saturday to drive to Southlake and pick up a stroller that I won on eBay. A JOGGING STROLLER!!! Yeah!! My kids are so excited about riding their bikes while we run. We have done this a few times, but only with the regular stroller. You know the one meant for malls, not bumpy roads. So now it will be SO much easier to push my little man.

On the way to the Dallas area, we stopped in a nice convenient store so that we could use the restroom. There was a lady there in the bathroom with her 2 girls. We were guessing they were her girls because they were calling her mom, but she actually could have been their grandmother. So when we came in the bathroom, the mom was pulling her child's pants up with the stall door open. Cindy and I were both waiting for a stall when we heard, "Mom, close the door." I looked over and the MOM was going to the bathroom with the door OPEN!!!! I was freaking out. There is no need for me to see a grown woman with her panties around her ankles. I'm sorry. That is too much. She yelled back to the girl," NO, mommy needs to see you and (sister's name)". I get that. Pull them in the stall OR let them put their backs to the door on the outside of the stall so that you can see their feet, but to go to the bathroom with the door open. COME ON!!!

Next we went to pick the stroller up in Southlake. If you have never heard of Southlake, you
need to know that it is a very ritzy area. I knew by just talking to the guy that he was a little bit on the yuppy side. In fact, in one of the e-mails, the wife had "mentioned" (why I'm not sure) that her husband drove a Lexus SUV. So when we drove up in a Cindy's husband's Versa (brand new mind you) we were already thinking that they were going to start laughing at us at first site. Their house was not all that great. It was nice, but not THAT nice. Ya know what I mean. They weren't going to make ME feel like they were above us. I was bound and determined. So the people come out and start to help load up the stroller. I was impressed that they offered to help. So as we were walking to the car, the wife starts to ask about my running and how far I go. When I said 3 miles, and that I was planning a 5K in April, she giggled and said ," OH that is how we started, only with halfs." (You know half marathons) "We do marathons all the time. Both of us". Why oh why. I am sorry, but I feel plenty fine with starting with a 5K. OK. I am proud, but it really bothered me her saying it that way. I guess you would had to heard that conversation to know exactly her tone and how it sounded. Well, it just sounded yuppy.

THEN, we were on to bigger, and better things. MEETING LINDSAY from My Splattered Painted Life!!! We met her at the Grapevine mall. She walks up, gives me hug (I love huggers!!), and hands me a GIFT!!! OK. Isn't SHE the one that redid MY blog for FREE? And she is giving ME a gift. WHAAAAAT???? It was a pedometer. You know the thing that you put on your belt to tell you how far you've run. HOW SWEET IS SHE??? We have been e-mailing for a while and chat online almost everyday. I feel like I have known her for a long while. I was SO excited and anxious to meet her and SO glad that I did. She is so pretty and the sweetest thing ever. If there is such a thing as hitting it off as friends, I think we did. We ate lunch and there was not an awkward moment in the whole 3 HOUR conversation. It was a blast. The first thing that Cindy said to me after we said our goodbyes was, "Too bad that she doesn't move closer, cause I think that ya'll would hang out a lot." AWWW. I felt the same thing. So I am starting a petition for Lindsay and her husband to move to my town. OR for her husband to commute. Either way is fine with me. I just loved her!!

After we said goodbye to Lindsay, we came outside to 40 degree weather. It was like 60 degrees when we went in, so we were a little shocked. We were on a mission though. We went and changed in a nearby convenient store bathroom (nasty I know). We put on our running gear and headed to Lake Grapevine to run a route that Cindy had looked up online. We were so excited until we found out that the route that we "thought" we were going to run was clear on the other side of the lake. So we thought, "Oh well, we will just run a route, watch our new little pedometer and turn around at 1.5 miles". That way we can still do our 3 miles. Well, this was really a biking trail, so the first part was REALLY rocky and hilly and REALLY hard to run. We ended up going 3.55 miles, and we were SO happy that we actually did it even though it was like ice outside (It kept getting colder) and it was less than optimal running conditions. YEAH US!!! Here is us after we finished our run. We needed someone to take our picture and so I walked up to this car. As my hand was knocking on the window to ask if they would take a picture, I notice that there is STEAM on the windows!!!! When the guy rolled his window down it was 2 GUYS!!! I made a joke about their being steam on the windows and he said, "Yeah, it's my dad, WEIRD relationship!!" We both started laughing. Guess you had to be there, cause reading that back is not even funny. But believe me it was!! So here is me and one of my best friends Cindy!!! Sorry the picture is so small, I couldn't figure out how to get it on here the right way.

I also met Jenny Ha Ha from Girl Exposed today at MY church. And let me just say for people that have heard from her that she is "FRUMPY", it is all a LIE!!! I was expecting this girl who LOOKS like she has had 3 babies in 3 years, instead she looks like a rock star. She seemed VERY nice in the 2 minutes that we talked (I had to go to church, OK?). Her husband almost broke my hand when he shook it, THAT she was telling the truth about. I look forward to stalking her blog, If you haven't been there already, go. She is hysterical.

OK. Now that everyone has quit reading my post because it was so long, I will quit writing. I couldn't leave ANY detail out though. It was a fun weekend.

Friday, January 26

A Kid at School

My oldest child is such a friendly girl. She really is. You ask anyone who has ever met her and they will tell you that she is just friendly. Social doesn't even begin to describe how she is. If we see someone in the grocery store that she think LOOKS familiar, she will tell me to go say hi.
Here is the usual conversation:

Avery: We know her (motioning about a lady nearby)

Me: No we don't.

Avery: Yes we do. I've seen her at my school.

Me: Well, I don't KNOW her though.

Avery: Mom, go say hi.

Me: (Kind of annoyed) Avery, NO. I don't know her just because you have seen her once.

Avery: (Looking defeated) MOOOM.

Me:(walking over to the lady) Hello, I'm Nicole and Avery goes to (schools name) and she wanted to say hi.

Avery: (waving while standing 3 feet from the lady) Hi.

See. So Avery likes people. All people. Wants to be their friend. And here is where we run into the problem.

LET ME SAY: We love Avery's teacher. She is a great lady and we have been pleased with her up till this point. With that...

This year in Avery's class, Avery has had some trouble with a kid in her class. It really bothers Avery that this boy is mean to her. She came home about a month ago and said that he called her a "cracker". I was shocked. Of course my poor child has NO idea what he meant by that. She probably thought that he was calling her a thin, crispy, small piece of bread. She said that he was laughing and asked why that was funny. My face said it all. I just told her that it was not a nice word and to not talk to him again. She did NOT like that idea. She wants to be his friend. Glen went up and talked to the teacher about it and the teacher said that "He is just a mean child". Well, REALLY???? She said that she would watch the situation.....OK.

Then, yesterday she came home and said that he called her a "man" and that he bothers her and she cannot concentrate. I finally told her to ask the teacher if she could move. She did today after he called her a "he/she". Avery also said that this kid keeps telling everyone that "She likes - likes me!!" And the teacher said, "I doubt that." I doubt that???? Am I weird for thinking that that is a strange response to a child that you KNOW has been harassing someone? I am not a 4th grade teacher, so someone else might think that is the most ingenious thing to say, but I just thought that it was strange. Through it all Avery insists that being his friend is the right thing to do. I have a hard time with that. I just don't want her to hurt and she is when she is around him.

I have a feeling that I am going to have to go talk to the teacher and/or the principal. It is just to the point where I think that it is affecting Avery's school work. She needs all the help she can get, NOT distractions from a fellow student. I KNOW that there are some teachers (you know who you are) that read this blog and I would LOVE to hear what you have to say. Am I being to judgemental about the whole thing?

Avery has been praying for this child. She also prays for his parents to have soft hearts towards him. I am proud of her for realizing that God can help her AND him AND to pray for the people that are mean to us. She is a good example to me. My little social girl.

Thursday, January 25

Favorite/Daily Beauty Items

Elle Bee has tagged me for this meme. BUT - I thought it would be interesting to do it as a Thursday Thirteen. It will be my first one. I thought it would be fun to see what everybody uses to get ready everyday. THIS is what I use:

1. Daily Facial Cleanser: OK. Don't laugh. I use Neutrogena Oil-Free ACNE face wash. IT is orange and everything. It is the ONLY thing I can use on my face without it breaking out. I love it though.

2. Exfoliant: St. Ives Oil Free Apricot Scrub, cheap but works on this "great" skin I've got.

3. Toner: Again for my "amazing" skin (HA) I use Neutrogena Clear Pore Oil Controlling Astringent.

4. Daily Moisturizer: Co. Bigelow No. 301 Deluxe Facial Moisturizer. I LOVE this. It makes my face SO soft.

Now for the fun stuff! :)

5. Concealer: Mary Kay's Signature Ivory concealer. It is the only concealer I use that I like. It is also the only thing Mary Kay that I like. Since I don't use foundation, concealer is my only way of hiding my, shall I say "flaws".

6. Powder: Cover Girl Fresh Look Transparent Fair. Could this powder be any cheaper. One of my friends a LONG time ago said that she only uses this powder, and now I'M hooked. LOVE IT!

7. Blush: MAC ONLY!! Here is where I get picky. I LOVE MAC make-up. It is the only thing that I am excited about my parents moving. There is a MAC department in the Dillard's there. So anyway. I have 2 colors that are my favs. One is Harmony (peachy) and the other is Dame (pinky).

8. Eye Shadows: AGAIN MAC only. I have so many colors, too many to count. So my favs right NOW are Vanilla (EVERYDAY!!! I always wear this one), Jest, Woodwinked, Expensive Pink.

9. Eye Liner: MAC again. I love their Powerpoint Eye Pencils. They stay on really great and are super creamy. My favs. Bordeauxline (purple), and Stubborn Brown (dark brown).

10. Mascara: Back to the cheap stuff. I have never understood the idea of getting expensive mascara, even though I know people who do and love it. I use Loreal Original Voluminous. So if you were wondering how I got my eyelashes so FULL looking (I just KNOW you were! - Don't be embarrassed.) now you know.

11. Eye Brows: Well, before when my hair was really blonde, I used to have to fill them in some with some MAC eye shadow. Now that I have darker hair, the hair lady just dyed them too. I DO use an old toothbrush to tame them down. CHEAP!

12.Shampoo: Pantene Extra Straight. I love Pantene. I've heard it isn't good for your hair, but it has ALWAYS done great for me.

13. Conditioner: Pantene again. I usually use the one for color treated hair even on my kids hair.

So there you have it. Feel free to write out what you like to use. I LOVE make-up. It is just fun to me, so I would love reading what everybody else is using. Even if it is 2 things.

Wednesday, January 24

I know it's Wordless Wednesday,but.....

I have too much to talk about today to just put a picture on here. I'll pick up the WW next week, so don't you worry!

Wonderful: Reading to the girls last night. I have been reading a new book to the girls. Sun & Spoon. We borrowed it from a friend and we are LOVING it. Just Momma and girl time. IT IS AWESOME!!

Great: Getting to get in bed at 8:45 and snuggling with Jude and Glen under my electric blanket. Falling asleep around 9:00. (I've been getting to bed around 1:00 - 2:00, so this was GREAT)

Ugly: Not washing my face last night. I WANTED TO SNUGGLE!! It just felt yucky when I got up this morning though. Pure laziness.

REALLY ugly: Having to get gas this morning in my robe, pj's, glasses, hair not combed AND my DIRTY face. Whew - I know the image is rough. It even scares me.

SO nice: Harley (our pup) is in the kennel, Parker and Jude are coloring and playing behind me, and I am getting some computer time. WOO-HOO!

Time for the information that most of you could care less about, but some of you have asked, so here is the new info on my parents: They moved to Odessa about 2 years ago. My dad went from coaching (he had done this my WHOLE life) to being the Athletic Director for the schools in Odessa. We lived there when I was growing up for 5 years which is the longest I ever lived ANYWHERE growing up. It is the place that feels the most like home to me. It is about 2 and a half hours away and has been a great place for us to go visit. NOW my dad got a new job as the Athletic Director for the schools in Lubbock. I am sad and happy about this. I have really dealt with some pretty strong emotions the past few weeks. Some are too personal to put on here, but I will share a few. One is the feeling I had when I was growing up and my parents would tell me we were moving. I am having THOSE same emotions, which is weird because I am not the one moving. I have really felt like I have a connection to Odessa. It has been the closest thing to having a home town for me. I am going to miss it. Lubbock is about the same distance from here, even a little closer. My brother and sil AND niece live there, so I am sure that we will see them more. That will be REALLY nice. I just sometimes want to go see my mom and dad and that's it. Does anyone else feel like that? I am not WORRIED about this, I just love having time alone with my parents. It is a selfishness that I am going to have to get over. Only good things are going to come of this move for them. I am excited for them, I just have my own issues about it all. I am working SO hard on not being selfish and trying to say only good things. This is a GREAT move for them. IT will be great. (See how easily I can talk myself into it? HA!)

ANYWAY - That is the parents situation. I know boring to most, but like I said I needed to put it out there for those that wanted to know. AND it was good for me to "talk" about it.

Monday, January 22

There's a catch

*****Sorry, I think the links are working now*****

I know a few of you remember my big mishap when I tried to switch to my new blog name last year. I erased my old one thinking that my old posts were already switched over to my new blog. ANYWAY. I have just NOW gotten the chance to move them over to this blog. THE CATCH : None of the comments transferred over. So if any of you have a solution to this, let me in on the secret. Allrighty then.

Now that all my posts are caught up, I will now try the meme that Lindsay tagged me for. It looked kind of hard, but now that I have ALL my posts on here, I think I can handle it.

*FUNNY*: It would have to be my very first post Did you see my face?

: I'm not a real "serious" blogger, but this was pretty serious for me. Break In

*UGLY*: This one is kind of funny. To look at your old posts and try to find an ugly one is just weird feeling. Hopefully this is as ugly as I'll be. Hee Hee. Snubbed

*ALL ABOUT YOU*: These 4th of July pictures are pictures of all of us. And that is who I am . I am a momma and a wife. I LOVE being those 2 things more than anything!!!

*TAGGING*: Holly , Gina, & Beck

Friday, January 19


Today our vacuum cleaner belt broke. Well, it didn't break all the way, just a tear. It was enough that we knew we needed another one. We took it off so that Glen could measure it and go to Lowe's and get another one just like it. Meanwhile, Jude was watching the movie Spirit. You know the one with the horses. Cute movie.

Anyway, Jude loves that movie and is usually engrossed in it, but today he left the room while it was on. We saw him go upstairs, but we weren't sure why. In a minute he comes down with his stick horse he got for Christmas and the old vacuum belt. He puts the vacuum belt over the stick of the horse to make a "new reign" for the horse. Isn't that so creative? The horse already has a reign, but you know a vacuum belt makes a whole lot more authentic looking one. I just could not get over how he took the time to go all the way upstairs, get his horse and think to make that. I know, he's my baby, but it was just clever for my little 2 1/2 year old. Don't ya think?

Thursday, January 18

Trip To Lowes

Our door has been in need of some TLC for a while now. So Glen and I decided to use some of his Lowe's gift cards that he got for Christmas to buy that love. (Why is it that everyone gives him gift cards to places that they KNOW I don't want to go to??? HMMM?) Glen wanted to get a whole new door, which I would love to do too, but WOW doors are expensive!!! That is what we really need to do and hopefully soon we will be able to do that, but not quite yet. I was happy with just getting a new deadbolt/doorknob (which in itself was $70.00!!). I was thinking it would be an improvement without shelling out the big bucks. We ended up buying a really pretty one with Glen's card. It is a really dark bronze color, almost black looking. Glen and I both really loved the color of it.

So we get home and start to install this doorknob on the NORTH side of the house in 40 degree temps. Not so smart. Of course we didn't realize that it would take and hour to get it all on the right way. I never knew it was so hard to install a doorknob with a lock. Seriously. I think I am pretty smart and can read directions, but man that stuff was tough to follow. No words, just pictures. Needless to say the whole kitchen was FREEZING by the time we were done.

We rocked it out and it works WAY better than it did before and even looks better, so I am pleased. We are planning on getting a door soon though. But for now, we are going to enjoy all the hard work we did tonight.

Wednesday, January 17

WOW! It's Cold!

I know, I know. It was the title that pulled you in this time wasn't it? So original. What can I say? I just good like that.

Well, I know so many of you do not live in Texas, but you just have to know that this is crazy weather for us Texans. We are not used to this ice and snow. Cold is usually all we get from Old Man Winter,so this is stirring things up a bit. All the schools in the smaller surrounding towns must h
ave not thought that their parents could drive on an inch of snow, because they were all out of school today. My parents live in West Texas and they didn't have school. I know there were a lot of Dallas schools who were also out today. What about US you ask? Well, we DID have school. And no I'm not bitter, OK? One good thing, we got to start late today, which made it possible for us to sleep in. (You know I loved that!) YEAH!!
I went ahead and took a picture of our house with the little bit of snow that fell on it. I missed out on doing it the last time it snowed. I just love the way snow makes everything look. (yes - even an inch. HA!)

We are suppose to be having work (Mother's Day Out) tomorrow. I am hoping for at LEAST a late start. All we need is just a little bit more moisture on the ground tonight. YES, I'm sick of the cold, wet snow, but I can handle it for one more day. Come on late start!!

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, January 16

Stomach Troubles

Today I stayed home from work. My stomach is acting up, which seems to happen a lot. You know I never realized how much my stomach hurt until one day my mil said. "Your stomach sure does hurts lot." WELL, HELLO??? Why didn't I notice it before? I mean, it is MY body, right?

What is funny about my mil saying that to me is because that is something I always have thought about my mom. She has ALWAYS had stomach issues or for a long time anyway. So my mom leaves me a message yesterday that says she is getting some tests run on her stomach to figure out why hers is acting up. This has prompted me to think about getting mine tested too.

I have looked up IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)((I HATE the name of that!!)), but am not even sure that is what mine might be. Does anybody have this (IBS) or have any other ideas on what it might be? When I compare my symptoms to the symptoms of IBS, I am really not sure they match. Some do, some don't. I just can't imagine what else it could be.

Sunday, January 14

Martin Luther King

I came across these questions from another blog and thought that they would be cute to ask my girls in a question and answer format. We did this last night before bed. I called them in one by one so that all their answers were original. It gets more funny as they get younger in age. Here is how it went down:

AVERY - 10 years old
Me: Who was Martin Luther King Jr.?
A: A guy who saved people and he thought that white people should be with black people.

Me: Why was he an important man?
A: Because he saved peoples lives, same answer.

Me: What did he want?
A: For people to be free.

Me: Why is peace important?
A: So you can think. (I guess she got that from the saying peace and quiet.)

Me: What is the Nobel Peace Prize?
A: I don't know

Me: What are you going to do to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday?
A: Obviously my parents didn't make any plans so I don't know yet. (It's always mom's fault!)

BAILEY - 7 1/2
Me: Who was Martin Luther King Jr.?
B: Umm, he's a famous person that does lots of marches.

Me: Why was he an important man?
B: Because he was a brave man.

Me: What did he want?
B: He wanted for black and white people to go to school together.

Me: Why is peace important?
B: What does peace mean?
Me: It is when people get along and don't fight.
B: I don't know

Me: What is the Nobel Peace Prize?
B: I don't know

Me: What are you going to do to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday?
B: I don't know
Me: Well, it is tomorrow, what are you going to do tomorrow?
B: NO! His birthday is today. It is the 15th.
Me: OH. (amazed expression - even though the 15th IS tomorrow)
B: At school, I don't know what we are going to do and at home I don't know either.

PARKER - 5 1/2
Me: Who was Martin Luther King Jr.?
P: I don't know. Is he big or little?
Me: Big
P: Oh, I only know the little one. (I busted out laughing. It was just cute!)
Me: Well tell me about him. Who is he?
P: I don't know. One of the kids in the 3 year old class.

Me: Why was he an important man?
P: I don't know

Me: What did he want?
P: He wanted Jesus.

Me: Why is peace important?
P: What does peace mean?
Me: It is when people get along and don't fight. Why is that important?
P: Cause when you be mean, God doesn't like it. God likes it when you're nice.

Me: What is the Nobel Peace Prize?
P: A bell

Me: What are you going to do to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday?
P: Buy a cross. Are we going to his birthday party?
Me: I don't think so.

So there you have it people. Out of the mouths of MY babes.

*NOTE: Jude is too young to participate in such an event.


I have several things that have happened today that is great.

1. My in-laws took my girls to watch a movie at their house for the afternoon. AWESOME!
2. I have gotten to spend some uninterrupted time on the computer. GREAT!
3. It is 28 degrees outside and I still had the motivation to go out and run my 3 miles today. YIPEE!
4. I ran the ENTIRE 3 miles for the first time back. WOO-HOO!
5. I ran it in a great time for me - 27 minutes. BOOYA!

BUT the best thing about my day was not one of those things. It was something that happened on my run. I have a playlist on my iPod that I listen to every time I run. It has some pretty good music on it that I enjoy running to.
No Such Thing - John Mayer
Set Me Free - Big Daddy Weave (one of my favorite songs too!)
Clocks - Coldplay
Upside Down - Jack Johnson
King Without A Crown - Matisyahu
Beautiful Day - U2
And THEN the one that affected me today : Why - Big Daddy Weave

I have listened to this song so many times and every time it speaks to my heart. I actually started tearing up this week while running while this song was on. I just think the words are AMAZING and make me want to be a better person. Without writing out the whole song (I know some of you don't like to read lyrics) I will post just the chorus.

Why do I do all the things that I do
When I want to do what is right
Change this wicked heart of mine
Let me walk with you in the new life

If you want to read ALL of the lyrics (which would really help you feel the whole spirit of the song) go here.

I just LOVE this song. I am such a selfish person and have said some pretty selfish things to a loved one just TODAY. This song is my personal prayer for the day. I want Him to change my heart and I WANT to walk in the new life.
SO my number 6 for the day just happens to be my favorite.

6.My heart was changed for the better. THE BEST!!!

BTW - If you haven't heard of Big Daddy Weave. You need to check them out. All of their songs are really great!

I'm off to apologize for my selfish ways!

Saturday, January 13

Toothless Fairy

Yesterday when we were waiting to pick the girls up from school, Parker yells out, "I did it!!". I turned around to see her beaming with a bloody mouth and holding her first lost tooth. She was so proud that she pulled it herself. The other two girls had to have help with the first one, so she definitely has bragging rights. After Bailey lost her first tooth, my mom started calling her The Toothless Wonder, so I asked Parker what we should call her. She proudly answered, The Toothless Fairy". So here is our Toothless Fairy.

We have been couped up all day because of the weather outside. We DID run to the store for necessities. Cookie dough, and finger polish ARE necessities aren't they? Other than that we have been playing games, reading and watching movies. Oh we did rent movies I forgot. Another must have in cold weather is rented movies. (Thanks Anna for letting me steal the idea!!) So here are the girls (not room for Jude on this couch) engrossed in a movie. One day of icy weather and I am ready for spring.

Friday, January 12

High School Musical

Tonight me, my girls, my mil and a close friend went to see a local production of High School Musical. I had dreaded it all day. Not because I didn't want to go, but I just had the worst day. Everything seemed to go wrong. EVERYTHING. If I started telling you, it would take up too much space. So just trust that I TRULY felt like the world was against me for some odd reason for the entire day.

My girls and I LOVE the movie, so when we found out that a close friend of Avery's was going to be IN the production, we were SO there! My friend Cindy got us all tickets. (Thanks Cindy!!) I didn't know what to expect. These were KIDS putting on a musical. I was thinking along the lines of the programs I go to at the girls' school. Boy was I wrong. This was the most amazing thing I have seen in a long time. The lead, Troy Bolton was played by a kid that goes to church with us (5th grader!!!) He was AWESOME!!! The choreography of the cast was so great too. I never thought that someone could get around 50 KIDS to be all together. The youngest was around 5. It was crazy. All of their voices were amazing. I truly wouldn't be surprised if one of them goes on to be big. Is that silly? They were just SO GOOD!!!!

I sat by Avery and it was just so cute to hear her (or was that me?) sing to all the songs. SHE has an amazing voice too, but is too shy to sing in front of a crowd. It was just a fun to watch HER watch her friend and be supportive.

If you live in town, GO SEE IT! They are having two more showings. Sat. and Sun. I believe. Hopefully you won't sit in front of a lady that coughs in your hair like I did. (See!! The world WAS against me today. NOW do you believe me?)

The Natural Cycle

First before I write ANYTHING else, I want to thank Lindsay from the bottom of my heart for designing and fixing my blog. She did an AMAZING job and I couldn't be more pleased. She was GREAT to work with and is just a fun girl. Thanks Lindsay!!!

OK. Now for my post:

I have a very strong belief that parenting is what you make of it. Wouldn't you agree? When I was little my mom would always say, "Just wait until you become a mom, then you will understand." Then me with my attitude would sometimes think, "I'm never going to be like you!" I don't remember ever saying it, but probably wouldn't put up much of a fight if my mom said that I did actually say it outloud. (Sorry Momma!)

After I had Avery, things would come out of my mouth that sounded just like my mom. You know the sayings. One of which is, "You do it because I say so." I do and say a lot of things that I am sure my mom and dad both did and said. BUT - There are some things (no specifics in this portion, don't want to hurt feelings!) that I do differently.

I think that is one of the most awesome things of the cycle of parenthood. You take the good, leave the not-so-good and become the best parent you know how. In your efforts to be the best parent ever, you STILL make mistakes. We all do. AND our children are going to learn FROM US what kind of parents they want to be. Take what they think is good and leave the not-so-good. It can be hurtful to think that our kids won't think that everthing we do is good and are going to think of ways they want to be different than us. I just think that it is a natural cycle and I love it.

Wednesday, January 10

Strong Personalities

I was talking to a friend the other day and the topic of strong personalities came up. I've actually had many conversations about this topic because I find it so fascinating. It is just one of those topics that everyone has their own opinion on. We ALL know people with strong personalities, right? I'll give you a second to think of "that" person.........................OK. Got it? Well. Here is my question. What makes them have a strong personality? Is it a good or bad trait? What do they do to make you think of them as someone with a SP? Do you yourself have one? I am really anxious to see what everybody thinks about this.

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, January 8

New Shows

I watched a couple of new shows tonight. I am a little embarrassed to even tell which ones I watched. They are so silly and trashy. OK, I said it. Well, most people who know me KNOW that I LOVE reality TV shows. So tonight I watched (cringe) I Love New York (the sequel to Flava Flavs show Flavor of Love - yes I watched that one too!) AND The White Rapper Show. PEOPLE!!!! These shows are such a waste of my time. I could have been doing laundry or packing lunches for our first day back to school tomorrow (again, cringe!), but NO I was watching this trash. And the sad thing is I probably will continue to watch. What is wrong with me?????

Sunday, January 7

I Got Tagged!!

Beck tagged me for this meme. It looks pretty fun, so I'll get started.

1.Do you like the looks and the content of your blog?

I like the look of my blog. I think it looks fun and bright. (like me. ha)

2.Does your family know about your blog?

Yes. My family knows about my blog. I am not sure that all of them read it though. My mom and dad do, but the rest of the family I'm not sure.

3. Can you tell your friends about your blog?

Uhh, I hope so. Why wouldn't I. Now some of them don't read it, but that is because they really aren't into computers. I think most of my friends at least read it and comment SOMETIMES.

4.Do you just read the blogs of those who comment on your blog?

No. I DO read those blogs though. I would be lying to say that I don't try and comment on the everyone's blog that comments on mine. I just think that is common courtesy. I do however have around 50 people on my bloglines, so I really don't comment on ALL the ones I read. But yes, if you comment on mine, I comment on yours. (Isn't that how it is suppose to work?)

5.Did your blog positively affect your mind?

I think so. It definitely gives me things to think about that I otherwise wouldn't have. Lots of tips on how to be a better person/wife/mom. And that is ALWAYS positive.

6.What does the number of visitors to your blog mean?

I think it is fun to look and see how many people have checked out my blog. It doesn't change what I write about. It just lets me know that people ARE reading it. Kind of fun.

7.Do you imagine what other bloggers look like?

ALWAYS!! I usually go scope their site out trying to find out. I DO like it when I can put an face with comments. It feels more "real" that way.

8.Do you think blogging has any real benefit?

This goes along with #5. I think you can learn LOTS of new and cool things and grow as a person by blogging. AND it clears my head of things I might want to say.

9.Do you think that the blogosphere is a stand alone community separated from the real world?

No???? Not sure I understand that question. Sorry.

10.Do some political blogs scare you? Do you avoid them?

Well, I wouldn't say "scare" me, but I would rather read something else. I think political blogs are for people who want to debate and that is not who I am. Now if you want to argue about fashion, I'm OK with that. :)

11.Do you think that criticizing your blog is useful?

Criticize MY blog. NEVER!!!

12.Have you ever thought about what would happen to your blog in case you died?

Not before I read Beck's answer. My husband now knows to write a short post just to let everyone know. I think that is a great idea.

13.Which blogger had the greatest impression on you?

Probably Flip Flop Mamma. She is just SO real. I would hang out with her in a heartbeat. And it seems that every site that I go to, she has been there first. It always amazes me how many people "know" her. I love her style of writing and like I said it is always so REAL!

14.Which blogger do you think is the most similar to you?

Probably my real life friend Anna. We started blogging about the same time and I think we are a lot alike. I might be flattering myself with that one! Ha. I just think we are both kind of funny and kind of serious in the way that we write.

15.Name a song you want to listen to?

Probably Yeah by Usher. I know that is WAY old, but that is what came to my mind. Bailey (my 3rd daughter) and I love to dance to that song. (RANDOM question!)


I am going to follow Beck's lead and tag 3 people. Anna, Flip Flop, and Lindsay! Have fun girls!!

Friday, January 5

5 Things You May Not Know About Me

Some of you may know a couple of these, and you may not. So here is MY attempt at the 5 things that you may not know about me that Lindsay did. It kind of looks fun to me.

  1. I can make my tongue roll like a worm. It is funny how many people are impressed and engrossed by this. (Especially in High School)
  2. My new find last month was the electric blanket that we got as a wedding gift (over 10 years ago!!) and had never even gotten it out of the bag. IT IS AWESOME!!!
  3. My family was written about in a Best Seller book and eventually made into a Hollywood movie. Friday Night Lights. Yeah, I know. Kind of different.
  4. We are kennel/crate training our puppy and I think it is the BEST idea ever. Whoever came up with this is a GENIUS!!! BTW - She is doing GREAT!!!
  5. One of my goals since I was a little girl is to bring someone to baptism. I have always thought that it would be SO cool to lead someone to Christ. I DO think that it is a little odd for that to have been a goal since I was young. Not the most usual goal of a child. It hasn't happened yet, that I know of.

Wednesday, January 3

First Clue

The first clue to you not getting a good hair coloring:
  • When the first person you see asks if she put grey in it.
  • AND she says she liked it better when it was "just dark" (you know, the way you HATED it!!)

Not good.

I've had conditioner on my hair ALL day (yes, even at the mall!) and getting it fixed (hopefully) tomorrow.

PS. Let's keep the "told ya so's" to a minimum folks!!

To be continued....

Tuesday, January 2

How Dare He!!!

So there I was today jogging around our neighborhood. Well, really walking AND jogging I should say. It is the second day of my "goal" and I was SO proud that I was doing my 3 miles for the SECOND day in a row. (Yeah! I know! IMPRESSIVE!) I started off jogging and had stopped to walk a block and then started back running and was REALLY feeling great about it. THEN.... This young guy came ZOOMING passed me with this LONG stride. I just felt SO STUPID!! I tried to keep myself pumped up (I mean I AM exercising), but the whole rest of the 3 miles I thought about that GUY!!! Who does he think he is? Someone who is in shape? Oh yeah. He's right. But did he HAVE to glance back at me with that little smirk?

Monday, January 1

2007 goals

I have a few goals "New Year's Resolutions". I like the word goal better. Don't ask me why because I have no answer. This is really for me to have something to look back on and remember what I am working towards, but would love comments if you have them.
  • I want to teach my kids more responsibilities. I was told over the Christmas break that my kids should have more responsibilities. SO I am taking that advice and giving my children more of them around the house.
  • I want to run a 5K. That is the first running goal I have. I know I will be able to do it. The TRUE goal will be for that to turn into a quarter OR half marathon. My friends Anna and Cindy are going to do it with me. (See how I sign you girls up for my goals with me?) LOVE IT!
  • I want to keep my house cleaner. I know this is not a big deal to some people. I just am working really hard on keeping it picked up and AGAIN teaching my kids how to do it in the process. FUN!!!
  • I want to be a better example for my kids. I want them to see Jesus in me and my actions. Everyday before school the last thing I tell my girls is, "Be Jesus to somebody today!" WELL, I want to be that for THEM!!
  • I want to treat people better. Not that I think I treat people badly. I just want to be purposeful in my actions. Husband, parents, brother, children, friends. ALL relationships.

OK. That is enough for me. If I can do all of those I will be one happy camper. I know I can do it. What do you think?

HAPPY 2007!!