Thursday, February 21

My Man is 30!!!!

Today is Glen's 30th birthday!!! I have been teasing him all day that I am so bummed about being married to someone that is in their 30's. It is partially true. Even though I turned 30 two years ago, I felt like I could hold on to the 20's a LITTLE bit since my husband was still in them. NOT NOW!!!! THANKS GLEN!!! :)

I have also been teasing him that I married him when he was a boy (he was only 18!!) and now he has turned into a man before my eyes. We both died laughing this morning when I brought that up.

Glen seriously is the best person I have ever met. I know people say that about their husbands, but I truly think that there couldn't be a better man out there. I guess lots of people feel that way though, huh?? I guess those of us that feel that are blessed, because I know not ALL women feel that way.

I am SO lucky that I am the one that ended up with this man. I am so proud of him and the way he has worked his REAR off for our family. Everyday he goes to not the easiest job and busts his rear FOR US. I am so thankful. We have been through ups and downs like every couple, but I am thankful for him and love him more everyday. This is sounding mushy huh?? Oh well.

I get compliments on him SO many times from the most random people. Today a lady that Glen delivers to (he drives for UPS) came up to me and told me how sweet he is and goes out of his way to help her with things, when most delivery guys are always in a rush and won't help. Glen has always been about helping people and would give you the shirt off of his back. It just makes me feel SO good to know that I am not the only one that sees how fabulous he is. THEN my mom almost started crying talking about him today. She adores him and couldn't ask for a better sil. Our whole family just feels blessed by him and loves him so much.

So......Happy 30th Birthday Glen!!! I love you!!!

Monday, February 18

Valentine Date With Daddy

I am so bad about posting when things happen. It always has to do with my camera. I am either too lazy to go get it to download pictures, or......well, that is the only reason now that I think of it. So since we are all IN the house on this GORGEOUS day doing homework, I decided that I would finally post about last week when Glen took my girls on a Valentine Date.

Our church had a fancy Daddy/Daughter Valentine dinner for all the girls ages 3 to 5th grade. This year was special because that included ALL of our girls. Sadly Avery won't get to go next year because she will be in (GULP) Middle School. So anyway, Glen asked all 3 girls on a special date for Friday night. The girls were SO excited. We painted their nails, curled their hair, got them all dolled up for dad. Glen left a little early to get the girls some roses and a special Valentine bracelet for each of them. It was such a special night for all of them. Jude and I had our own date at Sharky's. I made him hold my hand and told him that people on dates hold hands. I'm not sure he was impressed with that. Ha.

Glen rang the doorbell holding their roses and bracelets.

Handing out the roses and bracelets

It was a semi formal dinner, so they felt so pretty. I loved seeing them glow.

Daddy and his girls

Then Jude wanted to join the group

Walking out to the car (Yes I got EVERY moment. :)

In the car, ready for mom to quit taking pictures

Off they went. I have to admit, I had some tears running down my face thinking that one day it won't be Daddy taking them away, but some other boy. (SAD FACE!!!!)

Wednesday, February 13

Flowers RULE!!

I got a phone call from my brother today. You know the ONLY brother I have, Bradley. Well, I KIND OF forgot that he is a floral merchandiser for a large grocery company and his livelihood depends on flowers. In my last blog, I dogged getting flowers and he let me know that if I want me and my kids to continue to get great Christmas gifts(They give AMAZING gifts!!), then I need to support flower giving and receiving. So... I am going to give my top 5 reasons why getting and/or giving flowers RULE!!!

1. Getting flowers delivered to the house or workplace is an instant mood booster. No matter why they are being sent to you (an apology, special day, the list goes on......) it will always boost your mood to see that someone has sent you flowers.

2. When someone has sent you flowers or gives you flowers, you know that they spent some time thinking about what kind of flower would make you smile. Being thought about always makes ME feel good. AND if you are lucky enough to go to my brother's stores, you'll end up getting a WORK OF ART, not just a flower arrangement.

3. Fresh flowers make any place look brighter no matter what. Some even smell your house up and mask the scent of dirty diapers. That's always a plus!!
Plastic flowers just aren't the same!!!

4. Giving flowers can be just as fulfilling as receiving them. Finding JUST the right words to write on the card can make even a simple arrangement SUPER special.

5. When you realize that you TOTALLY forgot to do something special for someone, it just takes a phone call and a GREAT gift can be sent. You don't even have to leave the office. You can even act that was your plan the entire time. :)

OK. So I know those were a little cheesy, but I think they are all true and flowers can be a VERY special gift to give or receive.

This post is dedicated to my favorite brother Bradley.
I love you!!

Sunday, February 10

Valentine Gifts

This year Glen gave me the most AWESOME phone for an early Valentine's gift. I HEART it so much. It is pink and everything. (The picture turned out blurry - but trust me. It's cute!!) I am married to the most thoughtful man who is SO generous. I sometimes wonder why God loves me so much to bless me with such an amazing man!!

Glen and I usually don't do big Valentine gifts. I really don't like him getting me flowers because it just feels a little wasteful to me to buy something that will die in a day or two. So we usually do something very small. My favorite gifts are homemade. I love him to do homemade cards with lots of thoughts on them. I also like to make cards for him and other crafty love actions. (Not the kind you are thinking, but that too) :) Hee Hee!!

Someone asked today that when girls SAY they don't want anything for Valentine's day, do they REALLY want you to surprise them with a gift?? OR do they really mean don't get them anything??? So what do YOU say on Valentine's? Give me, Give me... OR don't get me anything?? Do you do BIG gifts for each other OR keep it simple?