Saturday, October 6

I ran my first 5K!!

I know this picture is dark, but is the only one of my cheering section before the race. Glen was of course taking it, but he was there too! :)

So after MONTHS of talking about running a 5K(3.1miles), I finally just signed up for one last week. Cindy's daughter had signed up for one and I thought that if I didn't just sign up, I never would REALLY do it. It is so easy to say you're going to do something, but to really do it is a whole nother ball-game. (I've never typed that out before, is that how you say it?? whole nother??? ANYWAY!!)

Me and some guy that passed me right at the LAST second. I guess he didn't want to let a GIRL beat him. HA

I "trained" really hard this past week with the help of my friend Dennis (THANK YOU DENNIS!!!) He told me how long to run, what to eat, when to time myself, when NOT to run. The whole nine yards. I ate pretty good this week too, so I was REALLY feeling like a for real runner. HA.

Dennis (AKA-my trainer) and me - He really does smile!! Just not for pictures. :) NOTICE: I ran so fast my headband fell back!! Nice!! So much for fashion. Avery said that I looked like I was trying out for American Idol with the number on my chest. HA. That girl!

Today was the big day. I was really nervous and went into with 3 main goals:

1.Finish UNDER 30 minutes
2.To run the WHOLE way
3.Not to be last

All of these I was pretty sure I could do, but you just never know - ya know?

Well, let's just say that I made my goals by a LONG SHOT. (except I did WANT to walk once, but talked myself out of it)

My time was 27:33 and I actually got a ribbon. Yes, that's right - A RIBBON!!! I got 6th place in my age bracket. Dennis's time was 21:47 and he was UPSET he wasn't faster!!! Oh my. I guess real runners are crazy like that!! There were 175 runners ranging from 5 - 80!! I was WAY impressed.

Parker wore her My Mom Rocks shirt just for me!!

It was hard, but I really had fun. After we finished, we all headed over to Cindy's for breakfast. Pancakes, bacon and fruit. YUM!! She was so thoughtful to think to do that, and I even got to pick the menu. THANKS CINDY!

Bailey has already said that she is going to run with me next year, so that is something to look forward to. She loves to run and that gives her a goal that we can strive for together.

Not sure when my next one will be (There is one in November!!), but my first will always be remembered as an AWESOME experience.

BTW-Avery has been SO sweet this week about the race. She prayed about it at her Bible Study and has every night since. Then tonight, she came and said that I did good running. She even wrote in her prayer journal a thanksgiving prayer about it. That girl knows how to make her momma feel special! :)

Monday, October 1

Harley Marley turns 1!!!

Harley's first picture - The night we chose her to be a part of our family

I can't believe it has almost been a year since we got our Golden Retriever, Harley. Most of you know the story of our first puppy that got parvo the day after we brought her home. SHE was the little dog that I have always wanted. After she died, I told Glen that he could pretty much get whatever dog he wanted to. A good friend has had Goldens for a long time and she planted the seed that a Golden would be the perfect dog for us. "I'm" the one that found her in the paper and when the guy brought her and another puppy for me to choose from, "I'm" the one that chose her. So when I blame Glen for us getting a big dog, it really is blame shifting on my part.

Today is her one year old birthday. Parker INSISTED that we throw her a party and could not understand why we couldn't invite her dog friends. So we went to Wal-mart and got her a new toy and treats to clean her teeth (shh... she thinks they just taste good). She got to get the treat out of our birthday plate that everyone gets to eat out of on their birthday, the kids though that was the coolest!

This is the crew at the birthday party tonight

Honestly, Harley Marley (BTW-Glen started calling her that and it has officially become her middle name) is the best dog for our family. She actually obeys pretty well. I've gotten lots of compliments on her behavior which means the world to me. It is like getting a compliment on one of my children.
Parker has a special relationship with Harley. She is always the one that loves on her and baby talks to her. It is so sweet to watch. Avery isn't the biggest fan of Harley, but deep down loves her and is protective of her. Jude and Harley are buds. In fact, Jude was TERRIFIED of dogs until we got Harley, so she has been a blessing in that regard. Bailey comes in a close second to Parker. She really does love her. Harley has been a GREAT dog for our family - all round. My FAVORITE thing about Harley is that she is my running partner. She motivates me and actually takes my mind off of the run. The shedding I could do without, but I wouldn't trade her for anything!! (Even though I tease about it)

Happy Birthday Harley Marley!!