Friday, June 30

Trouble since Avery's been home

So Avery has been home for a whole 4 hours and we have already had drama. My kids usually get along pretty well, but Avery has been gone for 5 days and let's just say that it is going to take some adjusting to remember how things work around here.

About thirty minutes ago we were standing in a jewelry store and Parker and Avery start having a physical altercation right there in the store. I was MORTIFIED! It was one of those moments that I wanted to act like I had everything under control, but I really didn't. I had to interrupt the lady talking to me and SEPARATE them. After we left I barely could talk because I was so upset with their behavior (how quickly they forget what they learn at church camp - you know the one they left 4 HOURS AGO!!!!). So when I got in the car I called my mom and she talked to them on the phone. (I think that she could hear the frustration in my voice) They both got off of the phone crying, so I think that they got the message. Ha!

We'll see how it goes after their mandatory nap that they are taking at the moment. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 28

Mom's House

Well, since Avery is at Leadership Camp about a mile from our house, I decided that I would drive to my parents house about 3 hours away. Does this make any sense? To me it does. I just figured that I would be wanting to go up there and check on her and be thinking about what she is doing. BUT, if I am 3 hours away I COULDN'T check on her and my mind would be on having fun with my mom and dad.

Well the plan has worked GREAT! I have missed her of course, but I really have done well. It was kind of funny though yesterday when she called. It was the first time that I have talked to her since dropping her off Sunday night, and this was our conversation LITERALLY!!!

ME: Hey Ave! How's camp?

AVERY: Good. What's Grammy doing?

ME: She is sitting here with me. Have you been having fun?

AVERY: Yes. Can I talk to Grammy?

ME: No. I want to talk to you first! How is Abby?(her room mate)

AVERY: Good. Now can I talk to Grammy?

ME: Ummmm.... OK, (hesitation)Here she is. I love you!!

AVERY: I love you too!

Needless to say that my very own "queen of talk" did not want to talk to ME on the phone, but instead Grammy won out AGAIN!! She is so close to my mom, and I love that! Really I do, but I just wanted to talk to my "grown-up" 9 year old that has been away from me since SUNDAY!!!! I do have to say that she was so sweet and asked to talk to Bailey and Parker. Isn't it sad though that I am already self talking about letting go and letting my kids grow up. She is only 9, but man, I am already picturing her in college and having to wait for her to call me or waiting for her to have TIME to talk to me. I don't look forward to those days!!

By the way, She IS having a great time! So thanks for the prayers!

Sunday, June 25

Overnight Camp

Is it me or does it look like I have NO makeup on in my profile picture? ANYWAY!!!

About the overnight camp. Today we took our oldest to her first overnight Christian camp. For 5 nights!!!! How in the world am I going to go that long without communication from my little Ave? I know that she is 9 and that she is plenty old enough to spend the night away from mom and be OK, but the REAL question is am I going to be OK? I just keep thinking about all the things that I need to tell her (to do & not do!) . She is going to be with GREAT counselors and I know they will love her, but please pray that she has a good, encouraging, inspiring, and FUN week!

Friday, June 23


I think that I have been tagged my Stephanie C. So here goes!!

I am a cuddler: Not so much. I like it for a moment and then I just get too hot!!

I am a morning person: Anyone that knows me KNOWS that I am a night owl. I am definelty not in a bad mood in the mornings, I just would rather be sleeping!

I am a perfectionist: A little bit. Not about normal things though. You know, how things are written, making sure things are even or level, if it is messed up, I need to fix it. Perfectionism - OCD, whatever you want to call it.

I am an only child: One brother, Bradley. He is 3 years older.

I am currently in my pajamas: Well it is 12:52 in the morning!!

I am addicted to my blogger: Well, again! It is 12:52 in the morning! What do you think?

I am shy around people AT FIRST: Umm, sometimes. Only when I am REALLY intimidated. I STILL smile though. (read my last post if you don't get it!)

I bite my nails: Groce!! No way! These nails cost too much to be bitten.

I can be paranoid at times: I get paranoid that people are talking about me. So are you? Tell me!

I currently regret something that I have said: At Jude's B-day party I said something that I should have filtered. So Yes.

When I get mad I curse frequently: No. Never been one to cuss. I didn't grow up with it, and have never hung out with cussers. I was always the one that would walk up and people STOPPED cussing. They knew I wasn't down with that.

I like someone: Doesn't everyone?

I enjoy country music: Yes, but not Poe Dunk country.

I enjoy jazz music: Not so much.

I enjoy smoothies: Is it sweet? OK then. Sign me up.

I enjoy talking on the phone: Yes, but not as much as Avery (9)!!!!!

I have a lot to learn: I'm sure I do. I am ONLY 31!! There is a lot about this blog stuff I need to learn. Who's gonna be my teacher? Huh? Anyone, anyone?

I have a pet: One cat, Brady.

I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal: Yes, I am ASHAMED to say yes!

I have all my grandparents: I have 3 left. Nanny, Grandaddy and my Mimi

I have been told that I am smart: Of course I have. By my mom. Ha!!

I get higher than C's in school: Yes, are you calling my mom a liar??

I have broken a bone: No. I was a sheltered child.

I have Caller ID on my phone: We use only cell phones. So yes. I think all cell phones have Caller ID, right?

I have bathed/showered with someone: Daddy, skip this one and go to the next one yes

I have changed a diaper: Does everyone know that I have 4 kids? OK then.

I have changed alot over the past year: Yes. I think that I am in better shape.

I have done something illegal: No

I have friends that have never seen my natural hair color: Who says this isn't it? My hair really WAS this color until I started having kids. It is close enough to the same color that up until a few weeks ago my Daddy thought this was STILL my natural hair color. Sad huh? Sorry Daddy!

I have had surgery: No

I have killed another person: Why is that on here? Did somebody find out something?

I have had my hair cut in the last week: No. I can already see my roots. :(

I have kissed someone I knew I shouldn't: Hasn't everyone?

OK. So that is my list. I tag Anna and Angel. I don't think the link on their name is going to work. If you want to get to their blog, then go to one of my comment sections and click their name. Sorry. When someone is ready to teach me how to link someone's name to their site, just let me know. I am SO ready to know how to do that.

Thursday, June 22


I am going to apologize ahead of time for this negative sounding blog. I hate being negative and I don't enjoy reading alot of negative blogs, so go ahead and stop reading if you are not in the mood to hear some rants.

We went to the pool today. (Me, Avery, Parker, and Jude : Bailey is still at camp) We walk in and there is this mom that I know from church. Not really ever a super friendly person at church (you know all her friends are usually with her - the clique). Let me just tell you before I go any further, I'm not a big fan of this person, never have been, and now NEVER will be. She walks past me TWICE and doesn't say hi, smile, NOTHING!!! I go to church with this lady. I KNOW her. It isn't like we never see each other or she doesn't recognize me. (I've thought about that excuse because I don't wear makeup AND I wear my sunglasses to the pool) My kids are with me, she has taught my kids in Bible class, she KNOWS me. IT also isn't like there are people EVERYWHERE, the pool had hardly anybody there. So I thought, I'll say hi and FORCE her hand. GUESS WHAT?? I was SNUBBED!!!! SO I just don't get it. What is it about people that makes them think that it is appropriate to act this way? What are our kids learning? I would DIE if I knew that one of my kids was treating someone this way. I would ALSO die if someone felt I treated them this way. Let's all make a pact. If you KNOW someone one day, act like you know them the next day. If you are in a bad mood, FAKE IT!!! SMILE!!!! Don't treat someone rotten just BECAUSE!!! I do NOT have time in my life to try and figure out if you are my friend or not. Either you act like you like me today and everyday after, or just move on. I'm not the friend for you!! I am by NO means perfect! I am not saying THAT! I just want people to be consistent. That's it!

Tuesday, June 20

Avery the Servant

Today, I woke up and had the worst cramps. Yes, I know! I hate that word too, but it IS a fact of life for alot of us women. I got up and took some Advil and set the heating pad up(I told you they were bad!) and laid back down. Glen got Jude out of bed and Avery told me that she would watch him. She is SO good with him. She brought him to me about 9:30 and said that he was asking for me. He laid in bed with me and fell asleep. Needless to say, I kept sleeping. It was NICE. Glen had taken Bailey (7) to camp, but I knew that Parker (4) was up. It was SO quiet in the house. I had told them to be quiet, but that was like a hour ago. When I got up they were playing so quietly. It was so cute. THEN - Not that all that wasn't enough, Avery (9) decides - ON HER OWN - to clean the kitchen for me. Not just clean, CLEAN! Loading the dishwasher,sweeping, Clorox sprayed all the counters, wiped the top of the fridge!! It looked AWESOME! I feel so blessed to have such amazing children. Avery is a pleaser, and loves to "make me proud". I love her so much. She brightens my life! Just thought I would share a proud mom moment. Please feel free to share one of your proud mom moments too!

Monday, June 19

Break In

I went to get in my car today and when I did, I noticed that my glove compartment and my console were both opened and everything thrown on the floor. THEN the big shocker - My iPod FM/AM transmitter (the device that I plug in my lighter so that I can listen to my iPod in the car) was GONE!!! Yep, I left my car unlocked and someone got in and had some of their own fun. In the words of my 9 year old," Well, Mom it looks like you learned your lesson!" Out of the mouths of babes I say!! So ladies! Lesson of the Day: ALWAYS lock your car! Even if it IS in your driveway and way back by the house. Like the police officer said, "They will steal right off of your night stand." Scary! Looks like I'll have to be satisfied with just running with my iPod instead of sharing it with the whole family in the car. My kids are SO disappointed! :(

Sunday, June 18


Last week, my parents brought their trailer to the State Park near our town and stayed till today. Of course the kids loved it. We built the coolest fort with all sizes of sticks and branches. It ended up being about 10x6 . A pretty good sized fort I would say. Deer came up everyday and ate deer corn, we swam at the pool, ate outside, played football, all kinds of fun stuff. BUT my FAVORITE moment happened last night when we were all outside having a little "sing-a-long". My friend Paige, my brother Bradley, and my niece Ainlsey(3), Glen, all my kids and my parents were all around playing some kind of instrument and singing. Well, my brother can sing, but not so good with instruments, so he started dancing around with the kids on his back. Meanwhile, Paige is playing guitar and singing, I'm playing a bongo drum, mom is playing the maracas and then the funny stuff starts. Let me TRY and paint the picture: Bradley, while he is dancing gets on the picnic table and starts to jump up and down with his cap on sideways, holding Parker in the front of him, Ainsley was on his back, and he starts yelling, "We are the Free People!! Come join our cult!!! We are Polygamist!!!! I am the Prophet!!"(FYI - All that is NOT true!!). We couldn't really SEE anyone, but their were trailers ALL around us. It was hysterical!! I could not stop laughing. He is the jokester (obviously) in our family. I love being around him because no matter what, he will make you laugh and smile!!

Friday, June 16

Jude turns 2 AND Jude's first haicut

Well, My baby turned two today. The past two years have FLOWN by. It makes me so sad, but Glen keeps reminding me that it is better than the alternative. That's his way of saying just enjoy him while he's here. And I am. He is such an AWESOME little boy. I remember when he was born and I CRIED and CRIED!! I just felt SO blessed to FINALLY get my boy. I had dreamt of that day since I was a little girl and it finally arrived 2 years ago today. Happy 2nd Birthday my baby Jude!!! AND guess who finally got a haircut. My dad, Glen, Anna, and a FEW other friends have been BUGGING me to cut Jude's hair for MONTHS!!! While others, me included did NOT want to. I guess everyone can tell who won out this time. So last night, we sat him in Glen's lap while my mom held his hands and my daddy videoed me cutting (I told you I would NEVER pay for any of my kids hair to be cut!!) my sweet baby's hair, curls and all. Yes, it was the most horrific 30 minutes ever. He screamed and kicked and sweated the ENTIRE time. Half way through I reminded all of them that we are NOW going to have to do this every few weeks to keep up the do. But I think that he will do better next time, now that he knows that we are NOT killing him. I sure hope so. It was not the most fun I've had!! So here is a picture of my 2 year old spiky hair little boy. Isn't he PRECIOUS????

Wednesday, June 14

How do you make time?

OK! So I have a question. How in the world does everyone keep up with this blogging stuff? My friend Anna and I (both fairly new to the blog thing) were talking and we both realized that this is almost like a full time job. How does everyone make time for it? I try and check mine in the morning and at night before bed, but still! It takes time to go to all your favorite sites and then to comment on a few and then to post one on your own site. Wow! This is wearing me out and I have just started really. Some of you have been blogging for a year or two. Crazy I say!!!!I love it though. It really is my new found hobby. Can it count as a hobby? So the question remains: How does everyone keep up with their blogging? I need some helpful hints here.

Tuesday, June 13

I messed up BIG TIME!

Well, I went back to change something on my ABC blog ( I put my favorite chore instead of the one I don't like) and I really messed it up. I have tried twice to change it and it erased half of my blog both times. So instead of trying to figure out what I am doing wrong, I am going to just write the rest of them AGAIN but on this new post. Sorry! Still trying to find out how to use this blog stuff. I hope this works!

Job Title: Mommy, Wife, A mother's day out teacher on Tues/Thur. during the school year

Kids:3 girls, Avery(9), Bailey(7), Parker(turns 5 on the 29th), and one precious boy Jude(turns 2 on Friday) :(

Living Arrangement: We all live in a 3 story house in a great part of town. We are very blessed.

Most Admireable Trait: I am pretty out-going. Some people find that admireable, right?

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior:I stole gum from TG&Y when I was 5.

Overnight Hospital Stays: 4 with all of the births of my children. I enjoyed it overall. I could have gone without them checking my blood pressure every 2 hours though. It is hard to rest with all of that poking and prodding.

Phobia: TORNADOES!!!!

Quote:Use you manners. I seem to say that alot.

Religion: Church of Christ. More importantly, CHRISTIAN!

Siblings:One Brother. He is 3 years older.

Time I Wake Up: First let me say that I love my sleep! Since school has been out I have been waking up around 8:30 or 9:00. Don't hate me.

Unusual Talent or Skill:I asked Avery and she said," Being a good Momma?" Is that considered unusual? It was sweet though. Some people say that I have good handwriting. Is that a skill?

Vegetable I Won't Eat: Collard Greens

Worst Habit: Thinking negative thought about myself. How sad that it is a habit. I need to work on that.

X-Rays: I have had some x-rays of my throat because I was feeling like there was something in my throat all the time. And no they never figured out what it was, it just stopped one day. I have had a few CAT scans too. Long story - moving on!

Yummy Stuff I Cook:Glen says I make a mean brownie and peach&berry cobbler. Truth be told I don't cook very much. I can, I just don't.

Zoo Animal I Like Most:We love to feed the giraffe cookies!

Monday, June 12


I saw this on a couple of my favorite blogs, so I thought that it would be fun to do too!! Feel free to join the crowd and do it too!! :)

Accent: Southern? A little Texas draw I guess.

Bible Book That I Like: Romans and of course Jude

Chore I Don't Care For: BATHROOMS!!!.

Dog or Cat: Really neither. I do like TRAINED dogs. I do have one cat though, Brady.

Essential Electronics: Cell Phone (since we use ours as our home phone also), my iPod, and of course now it is my computer WITH the Internet!!

Favorite Cologne: Il Baccio

Gold or Silver: I know gold is worth more, but I am a silver/white gold girl all the way! Platinum works too!! Ha.

Handbag I Carry Most Often: My white one my Momma bought me at Ross for my birthday last month. Thanks Momma!!

Insomnia: Sometimes. If I've had too much caffeine maybe. Not lately though, I have been pooped at the end of my days.

Sunday, June 11


I am so excited!! I have a new fitness goal. Tonight we were at some friends' house and this discussion of hiking came up. Now I have always liked hiking. When I was little, we would go camping and would ALWAYS have a few days of hiking up a mountain or 2. So when this topic came up, I was pretty interested. Then our friend says that every year and sometimes twice a year, he takes 2 or 3 people on this extreme hike at Big Bend. This hike is 32 miles. Yep, you read that right. 32 miles. It takes 14 HOURS solid hiking to finish. So I have made a plan to go in the fall. I know, I know. It sounds crazy. I am so excited though. I have already made the goal to run a half marathon within the year, so I am just going to add this to my list. What do ya'll think? How awesome does that sound????

Friday, June 9


I am not sure what to do about our cable. Ever since Glen and I got married, we have had the "basic" cable. You know the one. It has 20 channels, two of which are Spanish speaking, 2 are shopping networks. REALLY it only brings in the main 4 stations without static. Well, about 6 months ago my daddy was coming for a visit and wanted to watch something on ESPN (which we could get in our upstairs bedroom, but REALLY fuzzy). It worked good enough for Glen, but NOTHING that I would ask my daddy to watch. So as a surprise to Glen and my daddy, I bumped us up to the "big" cable. (As we call it) We have really enjoyed it. Glen and my daddy can watch their sports without fuzz, the girls can watch Disney channel, and I can watch my MTV shows. Perfect right? Well, I am trying to cut back on some our spending and what pops into my head first? The cable. Do the girls really NEED to watch the Disney channel everyday? They have learned so many things (good and bad) from that channel. Not my favorite. I think that they need to be doing something productive like reading or pretending or playing outside. I only let them watch maybe an hour everyday. That's not that bad. They need down time right?Does Glen not DESERVE to watch his Sportscenter when he gets home from a long day at work? And can I really go on without my MTV? I like a little down time too! Am I talking myself out of going back to the "basics"? I could really save about $20.00. Is it worth it?

Wednesday, June 7

Did you see my face?

This evening, I was in the kitchen cooking dinner when I heard sobbing coming down the stairs. I went towards it because I thought someone was hurt. When I got her (it was Parker ,almost 5) she had pretty much stopped. I asked,"What's wrong?" and she said, "Did you see my face?" When I took a closer look, I didn't really see much that was different so I asked, "What happened?" To which she replied in disgust, "Avery made IT cry". I had to fight busting out laughing, When I finally burst out with a giggle(I tried to hold it in, but it didn't work), it made her start crying again. It was sad and funny all at the same time. We had THE talk of people not MAKING you DO anything. Tonight I told her to start crying and she said that she couldn't. So I told her that just like I can't MAKE her cry, NO ONE can. Who knows if she got that either. Can't say that I didn't try.