Thursday, September 27

Trading Spouses - Funny AND Sad

This is going to be an atypical post for me, but I just have to post about this. I was reading one of my favorite sites TMZ (Don't think bad of me!! I just like this site. Would it gag you out to know that I read Perez Hilton everyday too?? SORRY!!) today and saw that a girl that was on Trading Spouses died in a car wreck on Tuesday. I LOVE the show and one of my FAVORITE episodes was about this devout Christian family who changed moms with an athiest. This Christian mom OF COURSE went OFF at the end of the show!!! She was screaming, "They're dark-sided." and "I'm a God Warrier!!" Over and over. Come on!! Don't you remember?? Her name is Marguerite Perrin and her daughter's name was Ashley. They are just unforgettable to me. I was SHOCKED to hear about her daughter, Ashley's death today. It really made me sad. I'm not sure why I feel a little close to her, but I just do.

ANYWAY. On another note, but close to the same.........
They ended up being on a second show that traded spouses with a prejudice black family. It's called God Warrier Part 2. I watched a clip of it on YouTube today that seriously made me cry and laugh so hard I couldn't even open my eyes!! I was doubled over with my whole face completely wet WHILE my kids just stared at me. THEN when Glen got home I played it for him (the whole time he was saying, "I've already seen this - with NO laughing) and STILL I was dying laughing. The thing is she is GAGGED out (literally) by any talk of gas or burping. It is the funniest I have seen in a really long time. It made my day watching it again. SO I wanted to share it with you. It really is just the first 2 minutes that is hilarious, the rest gets on my nerves because it is about the man being prejudice. So let me know what you think. AND did you laugh!! Come on people!!!

The funny thing is that I get sick like that when I am eating and there are animals, disabled people, or anything dirty while I'm eating. I don't know why I'm like that, but I just am. I kind of think I think it is funny cause someone else does this too. Anyway. Let me know what you think!!

Monday, September 24

Mrs. Jody Reese / "Me" box

Mrs. Reese telling the class that Parker is her neighbor (WE LIVE ACROSS THE STREET!! How cool it that?? Look at Parker's face!! THAT girl is feeling special!!)

Parker's Kindergarten teacher this year is Jody Reese. Some of you already know her, but I just HAD to write a little post about this amazing lady. I have known Jody for over 11 years and Glen has known her for longer (not even sure how long). She has come to my baby showers and shown love to my girls since they were babies. My girls have loved her even before they had her in school, BUT she HAS had all 3 of my girls in Kindergarten. While you think that I should know her pretty well by now, I am always blown away every time I see her with children.

Parker sharing her "Me" box

On Friday Parker took her "Me" box to school to share some things about her with her class. Jude and I went upon Parker's request. As I sat there, I got tears in my eyes watching Jody with Parker and the other children in class. I cannot put into words how blessed she is as a teacher. Some people were just MADE to be teachers and Jody is one of those. Her expressions, her tone, her sweet words are just touching to watch. I couldn't have prayed for a more wonderful teacher for my kids to have in Kindergarten. There is a peace knowing that your child is being loved and taken care of at school. I am SO thankful for Jody and what she does for my family, and for children in general. This world is a better place because of her!!

Jude was such a big boy and sat so quietly listening to his big sister!! He looks asleep, but really is just looking down!

Friday, September 21

One small sticker on the potty chart, one GIANT leap into potty training

NEWER UPDATE: We are going back to diapers. He just isn't ready. While I am still anxious as to what others will think, my husband said the sweetest and most encouraging thing today. When I was telling him that I didn't want people to think of me as a bad mom because I am putting Jude back in diapers, he said, "Nicole, you are doing what a good mom does. Watching YOUR child and doing what it best for HIM. THAT is what makes a good mom." I am SO thankful for a supportive husband!!!! So we will try in another month and see how it goes and I am OK with that!!

UPDATE: I have to admit that I am wavering today whether to keep potty training Jude. He loves to wear big underwear and can go on the potty if I ask every 30 minutes, BUT he has NEVER on his own asked to go. He has had several accidents where he doesn't even tell me that he has gone which has been very discouraging. Then he will not have an accident for HOURS at a time. We go to school tomorrow and I am very nervous about how it will go. This has been one of the mots stressful times as a mom for me. It is ranked up there with Bailey not figuring out how to nurse. I am just so afraid that he is just not ready and I am forcing him to do this out of my own insecurities as a mom. I don't want the scrutiny from anyone questioning why I am stopping, but I just don't know what to do!! I am going to see how the day goes. It has really only been 3 full days, so should I give it longer?? I am just at a loss!

Well today was THE day. The day where I put Jude in underwear. It has been quite an experience. He has done better than I thought he would. He has had 3 accidents all day. I thought that was pretty good, considering he went on the potty about 15 times. AND he even went poop once. Just a little, but it still counted. He has been loving the movie Cars, and has been wanting a cup with Lightning McQueen on it, so that has been our motivation today.

Here he is watching the Cars movie. He isn't even looking at me, just smiling and still watching the tv.

Tonight I got the cup but also got some Cars stickers and made a sticker chart for him. We will see how tomorrow goes. I told him that if gets 5 stickers in a row, then he can have the cup. I need some smaller rewards for him and he doesn't really like candy, so any ideas??

Mezmorized by Cars!!

I am really proud of him even though he did have some mistakes. I started thinking today about his accidents and realized that they do call it potty TRAINING for a reason. I never had to try that hard with the girls, but for him it is going to take some training and that is OK.

Tonight when I was putting him to bed, he did NOT want to put a diaper on. THAT was such a big step for me and just the push I needed to let me know that it is the perfect time to be training him. I put his underwear over his diaper, but it looks like we will be off to the store for some pull-ups tomorrow for bedtime!! Wish us luck!!

Thursday, September 20

Random Things

I try to be a really great mom.

Sometimes I feel like I am not.

I know lots of people that think I am a good mom.

I feel like I have fooled them.

This is starting off very negative and I don't like that.

I love to exercise, but sometimes don't because it is hard to find time.

That is an excuse and I know it.

I get my hair done TOMORROW!!!

I cannot WAIT.

I get headaches a lot.

I have one right now.

I love teaching in the 4's class.

I miss teaching with Anna.

Cindy has been an awesome replacement.

My favorite job besides being a mom was working in a tanning salon.

I would love to work in a tanning salon again if I got the chance!

Tanning is bad for you, but I still like it.

I struggle with this issue.

Money and I don't like each other.

I'm hoping one day we can be friends.

I worry too much about what people think of me.

I am trying not to care so much anymore and it is a daily decision.

I would LOVE to have another baby.

THAT is not going to happen thanks to a doctor and Glen.

I have seriously loved gum since I was a child.

Gum is the only thing I have ever stolen and I even picked it up off of the hot pavement so that I could chew it. (I was 4)

My girls share my love of gum.

I love tv shows that I probably shouldn't.

I love reality tv. It's my favorite. Sadly even the trashy ones.

If the bottom floor of my house is clean, I feel like I am doing good.

I HATE laundry.

I would pay someone to do it for me.

My vacuum broke a couple of months ago and I have been borrowing Cindy's.

My dog Harley sheds like no other animal I have ever owned.

That is the one thing that gets on my nerves about her.

I wished I had a little Mini Schnauzer.

I like to play guitar.

I'm not that good, but it is fun just the same.

I love to play and sing with my kids. They love it too.

They think it is cool that I play the flute.

I am waiting for them to realize that it really makes me kind of a nerd.

My favorite moment if the day is reading to Jude at night.

Glen reads to the girls every night when I am reading to Jude.

I love white teeth.

My brother and I always check to see who has the whitest teeth.

My brother is WAY more creative than me.

His house could be in a magazine and HE did it all. His wife doesn't get to help. HA.

I love for him to "help" me with my house.

He doesn't like to "help" me with my house.

I want to be the fun aunt.

I like big styrofoam cups WITH straws.

I usually keep an old one and drink out of it even when I'm home - Sonic ones are the best.

When people get hurt, I laugh.

Not on purpose, but that is just what I do.

I HATE when I do that. It makes me feel bad.

Feeling bad makes me laugh harder.

I get mad when someone laughs when I get hurt.

I am not a fan of double standards - but still have them.

I think it is hard to find GOOD friends.

I have a few GOOD friends. Not a lot. But enough.

I have a hard time trusting friends because of past relationships.

I love to camp with my family.

I am WAY excited about my parents new cabin.

I love good smelling candles.

The candles that are my favorites are expensive. Go figure!!!

OK. I think I am done.

Friday, September 14

Pigs, and freaks and us, OH MY!!!

Tonight the kids and I went to the fair with my friend Cindy. (yes - the same friend that is my co-teacher) A child in our 4's class gave us five tickets to the Fair and so we used those to get in the gate. The kids had been BEGGING to go, so they were chomping at the bit when they found out that we were going tonight.

We first watched a pig show that was really cute. The guy said that pigs are the 5th smartest animal. When I got home I told Glen about it and he said the only reason they said that was because it was a PIG show!! Oh who knows??? These pigs were pretty smart though and they did all kinds of tricks. They are suppose to be famous pigs too. It DOES sound a little too good to be true now that I think
about it. Hmmmm.......

The "famous" pig

There are some different kind of people at the fair. At one point Cindy said it looked like a freakshow. I was wondering if anyone ever thought that when they looked at us. You never know. We got a kick out of seeing all the strange looking people there. Not sure that is the purpose of the fair, but it sure is fun. :)

The only normal looking people at the fair.......US!!!

Parker being a big helper and riding with Jude

Who needs Superman when you have these 2 Supergirls??

The kids got to ride 2 rides each and if they went with Jude, that was just an extra ride. Avery and I were the first to go on this one that was just a little too scary for the both of us. (Of course the picture of this didn't turn out so great!! Ugh!) It was like a circle roller coaster where you just go around in a circle. We were the only ones on the ride and 15 seconds after the ride started, she was asking to get off. We went upside-down and we just hung there. She was almost in tears because she thought that she was going to fall out and I TOTALLY remember that feeling when I was younger. So it kind of freaked me out thinking she really was going to fall out. We both got off thankful to be on the ground.

Cindy and Parker on the Farris Wheel

It's me and Bailey on some crazy fast ride!!

We all had a great time and even ate some great food. We tried deep fried oreos. Those were pretty yummy. I'm sure I had enough calories to last a few days, but it was way fun to eat all that nasty, greasy food that you are not suppose to eat......ever. Once a year though, surely you can't clog an artery in one night can you???

Look at Ave being a great big sister!!

I understand why people get excited about the fair. It IS fun. I love making memories with my kids!! I am already looking forward to next year. :)

Thursday, September 13

And that comment was ok because.........??

So I am at Walmart yesterday will 5 children. (I know I am brave huh??) 3 of mine, and 2 others that are younger than mine. They all have blonde hair and COULD belong to me, but I was just babysitting the other 2. So a lady comes down the aisle and passes me. She then proceeds to back up her cart and say, "I have to ask, are all of these YOUR children??" I said no that the 2 younger ones were not. She then says, "Well, I was going to say - there is such a thing as birth control and I could tell you how to use it." Ummmm........WHAT???? Why is my birth control or lack thereof and of HER business??? Well, to answer it isn't. Her question irritates the fire out of me, but what was the MOST upsetting was MY response. I chuckled and smiled!!!!!! It makes me mad just thinking about it. I wish I would have said, "There is such a thing as manners and I can tell you how to use them." Of course this is a good 20 minutes after the fact that I think of this cute little dig to say. UGH!!!! Next time I am going to wear a sign that says MY SEX LIFE IS NONYA BUSINESS!! Or would that be trashy?? :)

Wednesday, September 12

Happy Birthday Momma!

Today is my Momma's birthday!! She is turning....well let's just say next year she will be a double nickel plus 5. (Shh. You didn't hear that from me!) :) She is my inspiration for what kind of momma I want to be and everything I am as a mom is because of her. My Momma truly has the gift of being a mother. She loves me in so many ways and shows me pretty much daily. She is my number one encourager and give me 5 minutes with her and she cheers me up and makes me feel like I am the best thing since sliced bread. I want to be to MY kids what she is and HAS BEEN for me!! MY MOMMA IS MY SUNSHINE AND I AM HERS!!
You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are grey
You'll never know dear how much I love you
Please don't take my sunshine away!!

Happy Birthday Momma! I Love You!!

Tuesday, September 11

Jude's first day at YCW

Jude is in the 3 year old class at Young Children's World this year. He is the only child in his class that is NOT potty trained. I would pretty much pay someone at this point to train him for me. I am struggling SO bad with it. Mostly because there is just this stigma on mom's that don't have their kids potty trained by the age of 3. (He turned 3 in June - go on judge me, everyone else does!!) I hate it!! He is just not showing ANY of the signs that he is ready. He has gone on the potty a FEW times, but that is it. I could go on for days, let's just say I need all the advice I can get AND if there is anyone that wants to take on this task - I WILL take out a loan to pay you. (You think I am kidding??)

OK. I have SO gotten off the point of this post. Here is his first day of school picture. Again. He is holding up 3 fingers for his age. ISN'T HE CUTE???
Jude's first day of school

Jude showing off his MASSIVE backpack (Notice the lunch box is almost touching the floor) My little strong man!!

For those of you who don't know YCW is the Mother's Day Out that I teach at on Tuesday/Thursday. I have taught there for 8 years. (I know. I think it is a LONG time too.) I love teaching there because it allows Jude to play with other children and I get to see other adults. (YEAH!) I wouldn't trade my time there for anything. This year I am teaching in the fours class. It is a class of 9 boys and 2 girls. YES - I did say 9. It will be a great year, especially since I am getting to teach with my great friend Cindy. So pretty much I am getting paid to hang out with my friend and love on kids. I LOVE IT!!!

Tuesday, September 4

Ruidoso / Labor Day Weekend

My parents just bought a cabin in Ruidoso, New Mexico. The kids and Glen and I, my parents, and my brother and niece got to go this past weekend - Labor Day. Can I just tell you what a BLAST it was?? The funny thing is that my parents have been saying FOREVER, "Wouldn't it be cool if we had a place here (in Ruidoso)?" So it was SO surreal to actually be in the cabin that we had talked about for so long.
Me, my daddy, my momma, and Bradley (my favorite brother!)

It is a great place. Nothing fancy, but definitely perfect for us. It sleeps all 11 in our family and even has a fuz-ball table upstairs. There was deer that came up everyday and of course the kids loved that.

Parker, Ainsley, Avery, Jude and Bailey

My favorite things were walking around the golf course with my daddy and playing games with the whole family. The kids favorite times were when Bubba (my brother) took them for hikes.
Ave and her Bubba

They al
so loved walking to a park that is a few blocks away everyday. Needless to say through the woods and once even through the creek. WEARING SHOES AND ALL! Thank you Bubba and Daddy (theirs) for the brand NEW school tennis shoes that you got all nasty in that creek!! I owe you both!!!!

Me and my MAN!

A really pretty place (is there an ugly place there??) to go in Ruidoso is a huge hotel called Inn of the Mountain Gods. We went up there one day and looked around and took pictures. We were trying to ride the paddle boats, but they wait was SO long it didn't work out. We still had fun taking pictures and being silly.

Us being silly!! Daddy got in on the silliness too. Look at that FACE!

My Momma broke her foot about a month ago and so it was a LONG trek for her to get to everywhere we were going. Poor thing. We all took our turn giving her piggy back rides. Well, some of us did. HA.

Lift with your legs Bradley!! :)

I took a few pictures of Bradley giving her a piggy back ride and let's just say it is SO funny. (From behind anyway.) :) She was a trooper though. It makes you look at permanently disabled people in a WHOLE new light. It is a hard world for people that cannot walk, I'm telling you.

Grandy (my daddy) and Jude

I am looking forward to going back there. Parker asked me the day after we got back when we could go back. I have a feeling it will be a forever favorite spot of all of ours. :)